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Play and Earn with Champions Arena Playtest

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Champions Arena opens another free to play, public playtest for their turn-based strategy game. And this time, it includes rewards for those who play regularly, complete campaign chapters, and top the arena leaderboards!

The playtest is open to everyone. You don’t even need a Gala account! However, if you want to receive the rewards from this playtest, you will need to participate using your Gala login. Creating a Gala account is free.

This playtest offers three different play and earn opportunities. First off, players will receive Gems simply for logging in and playing for at least three days. These rewards range from $10 to $80 worth of Gems based on the number of days you played. Players also receive Gems for completing chapters from the campaign and for placing in the top 50 of the Arena leaderboards at the end of the playtest. Unfortunately, these Gems will be in-game items only. But, they will provide a nice starting boost when the game releases.

In addition, Champions Arena has added ton of new content. There are many new Champions and a number of features have been updated and re-balanced. This playtest also includes the first look at Estates, a home base for your Champions. Champions Arena plans to hold an NFT sale for Estates next week. Details on that should be available soon. Estates are where players summon and dismantle Champions and craft equipment. Those who don’t have their own Estate can access the public one that is available to everyone.

This playtest runs from Thursday, April 27, 2023 8 PM CST through Wednesday, May 17, 2023 8 PM CST. You can access Champions Arena at

Champions Arena battle screenshot
Champions Arena battle screenshot

What is Champions Arena?

Champions Arena is a turn based, team combat, strategy game. Players field teams of up to four Champions and face off against their opponent. The Champions take turns performing attacks and actions until only one team is left. Players draw a hand of skill cards to start the game and an additional card each turn. Multiple copies of these cards can be combined to create a stronger card, adding an additional layer of strategy to the game.

Champions Arena includes a quest system with daily, weekly, and seasonal quests, a battle pass, idle rewards, passive missions, equipment, Champion summoning and dismantling, a PvP arena, and various other activities!

Champions Arena is part of the Gala Games ecosystem. To learn more about Gala Games and Champions Arena, follow them on Twitter, join their Discord, and visit their website.

a Champions Arena battle - target selection
a Champions Arena battle – target selection
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