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Grab an Alpha Pass for Boss Fighters Tournament

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It’s almost time for the Boss Fighters Alpha Tournament! And although you won’t be required to hold an Alpha Pass to participate, the passes offer other benefits including exclusive skins that will only be available during this alpha phase!

Who’s ready to take on the Boss in the Arena? Or who’s ready to be the Boss? Soon you’ll get your chance as Boss Fighters plans to stay open all weekend for the next three weekends as part of their Alpha Community Tournament!

With different goals and rewards every week, there are plenty of opportunities to earn your share! Each week ten Fighters and ten Boss players will receive cash rewards, either through Open Loot or Paypal. The size of the rewards pool depends on how many Alpha Passes are sold, but we’re told that the pool starts at $950.

Boss Fighters will keep their servers from Friday 7 PM EST until Sunday 10 PM EST, with the first weekend beginning on August 25th.

Alpha Passes

Players don’t need a Pass to join in the tournament. You can also get access by holding a Rowdie skin (floor price of $50). But, holding an Alpha Pass provides additional benefits.

Fighter Alpha Passes come in three rarities — Rare, Epic, and Legendary. Each one functions as a battle pass during alpha, allowing players to level up from playing and receive rewards. Two of those rewards are exclusive NFT, alpha skins, one Character and one Weapon. The rarity of these skins will be based on the rarity of the Pass. In addition, all of the Character skins are generative, meaning that each one will be unique!

Alpha Passes went on sale today (August 24th) and will remain on sale through August 26th, or until they sell out, whichever comes first. Some players may also receive a free pass from recent giveaways. Those should land in your Boss Fighters account soon.

Anyone interested in picking up an Alpha Pass can do so on Open Loot (note: this requires KYC in some areas, but not in others). They’ve been releasing the Passes in batches, and are currently about halfway through their total supply of 500. Rare Alpha Passes cost $15, Epic $60, and Legendary $100.

The Passes available on Open Loot are for Fighter players. VR / Boss players have their own pass, which is actually free! To receive a Boss player pass you will need to contact the team and be ready to prove that you are an active VR player.

What is Boss Fighters?

Boss Fighters is an asynchronous, arena combat game that pits a team of players against one other player as The Boss – a giant enemy that can smash apart buildings, shoot lasers, and even rip the giant hot dog off from the top of the restaurant and hurl it at the puny humans! The Fighter players have guns, rockets, grappling hooks, sticky bombs, and other weapon and gear options to assist in their fight battle the Boss.

Boss Fighters will be free to play. And those who have no interest in blockchain or NFTs can still play and earn in-game rewards. Boss Fighters will include digital assets and NFTs, but they will be cosmetic only and not affect gameplay. The game will run in seasons. During each season, players gain experience as they play, opening up new gear, cosmetics, and upgrades. All of these rewards are wiped between seasons, but players will have the option of spending game currency to mint certain items into an NFT. As the Boss players are the heart of the game, they will see increased rewards for participation in the game. This includes bonuses for playing on a regular basis.

The first character skin NFTs, known as the Rowdies collection, are available on the Solana network. However, the team recently announced a new partnership with Open Loot, and the NFTs can now be transferred over to Polygon.

Boss Fighters wants to bring a game show feel to their game and they encourage streaming. They want to build an eSportthat is a fun event for players and viewers. The Boss Fighters team is already envisioning ways to encourage and reward viewers and audience participation.

Boss Fighters will also include player created content in the future such as customized maps. Hopefully that will expand to include Boss creation as well!

To learn more about Boss Fighters, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord.

Boss Fighters gameplay
taking aim at the Boss
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