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MegaWorld Adds MEGA to the Marketplace

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A new economic phase arrives in MegaWorld as players can now use MEGA tokens on the in-game marketplace. This addition brings almost every core economic activity into the MEGA token portfolio, creating an economic foundation that paves the way for the upcoming release of player quests!

MegaWorld adds MEGA to their marketplace, allowing players to use this game token for their in-game trading. And though offhand, this may now seem like a big deal, it’s an important economic loop for MegaWorld, providing the ability for players to do everything they need to in-game with just the MEGA token — no need to use any other blockchain tokens at all!

This is also a setup for allowing players to purchase Resources in-game as Avatars. This will be important for the upcoming Express Delivery system. Express Delivery will be an avatar-based quest system that will also tie into building production. The MegaWorld team expects to open up a very limited alpha for the Delivery system sometime soon. So hopefully we’ll get more insight into how this system will work.

And if you don’t have any MEGA tokens, you can swap for them in-game. Or, you can still opt to make trades in the native token of the chain they are on (ETH, TRON, or BNB).

Players can use MEGA tokens for trades on Units, Resources, Citizens, Pets, Cars, and Appliances. Land plots are still bought and sold in the native token for the blockchain they are on. Of course, not everything is on sale for MEGA tokens. At least not yet. I imagine the markets will gradually migrate towards primarily using MEGA tokens for in-game trades

You can check out the game and the marketplace at

acquire Citizens with MEGA tokens
acquire Citizens with MEGA tokens

What is MegaWorld?

MegaWorld is a virtual city and economic simulation resembling a modern city with streets, buildings, cars, etc. In this game, players can own Citizens, Pets, Land Plots, and even whole Districts. The basic game will feature players walking (or driving) around the city, completing tasks, and earning MEGA tokens. The game will be free to play, though completing certain tasks may require owning a Citizen NFT.

For those who wish to be more invested, plot ownership allows players to create a variety of buildings from homes, to offices, to factories. Players can even choose to create a custom building on their plot! Buildings earn income in various ways, though they also require upkeep and have a chance to be hit by natural disasters. Players create most of the in-game items, including new Citizens.

Mega World has built out a complex economy with three cities across three interconnected blockchains — Ethereum, Tron, and Binance Chain.

To learn more about MegaWorld, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord.

manage buildings and plots in the MegaWorld map view
manage buildings and plots in the MegaWorld map view
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