MegaWorld Announces MEGA Bridge, Mega ID and Token Allocation Details

Mega World

The MegaCryptoPolis city builder game, recently renamed Mega World, has announced its new MEGA Bridge, MEGA ID, and governance system. They also detailed its token allocations. The Mega Bridge has been implemented to allow players to transfer tokens from Ethereum to the TRON blockchain and vice-versa. A governance model will also be implemented, and MEGA token holders can vote for game updades and governance decisions.

What is the MEGA Bridge?

The MEGA Bridge will allow players to transfer their TRON balance to Ethereum and vice versa and withdraw their balance as a TRC-20 or ERC-20 tokens. 

Mega World runs on both Ethereum and TRON blockchains. The MEGA Bridge will allow zero-fee transfers between in-game accounts and the bridge will be using the Polygon layer 2 network. During the transfer of tokens, the overall supply of MEGA tokens will be constant as no token will be burned on minted. Instead, a certain amount of tokens will be locked on Ethereum, and the same amount will be released from the Bridge wallet on the TRON smart contract.

A MegaWorld ID is also introduced. Players have a single united balance, and a new TRC-20 contract will be deployed on the TRON Network for token verification on TronScan. Furthermore, the MEGA Bridge will help facilitate trading and the free transfer of resources and citizens between the chains. It will be the only way players can move Avatars from one part of the world to another in Mega World.

Mega World - MEGA Bridge

$MEGA Token and Allocation

The MEGA token is the official currency of Mega World. It will be used to create new avatars, collect taxes, produce resources, construct buildings, stake in districts, upgrade buildings, and much more. From September 7, 2022, all actions in MegaCryptoPolis require MEGA token. 

Players can buy MEGA tokens from the official website of MCP3D by using a MetaMask Wallet. Once the Bridge is implemented, the MEGA token will be used for trading assets in the game. In addition, players can set orders in ETH/TRX on the MEGA marketplace.

About 40% of the undistributed MEGA tokens are allocated for Liquidity and Listing. The remaining tokens are allocated to in-game funds, DEX Liquidity, team reserve, Bounty Campaign, retro airdrop, strategic partnerships, and player initiatives. Players across the Ethereum and TRON chains hold the distributed portion of the tokens.

Mega World - MEGA Token Allocation Proposal


The MEGA token holders can vote on governance decisions and decide the use of the MEGA Treasury allocated to “Player Initiatives” and “Strategic Partnerships.” Every six months, a Mayor will be selected through votes. A Mayor should have 1% of the MEGA frozen in their wallet during the governance period. 

The Mayor will be responsible for maintaining community proposals by sending 5-10 proposals for voting and selecting the important ones. A top office in the Town Hall will be there for the Mayor, and all his decisions will reflect the interest of the players and community.

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