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Crypto Fashion Week Kicks Off with Flash Fashion

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Digital fashion organization Digitalax has launched Flash Fashion during the Crypto Fashion Week. Flash Fashion is an initiative by Digitalax and the Human Rights Foundation, that’s all about representing personal values in a digital world. Basically Flash Fashion creates a digital layer on top of content from the physical world.

Technically Flash Fashion uses machine learning to overlay an illustrated fashion item. It tracks body movements in real-time, allowing creators to make short, viral video content using digital fashion. It probably is best comparable with an Instagram filter.

However, Digitalax is working on creating an open standard for digital patterns, materials and textures in digital fashion. This means that someone making money out of someone else’s creation, will automatically pay a revenue share with the original creator. That’s the blockchain element behind the creation of digital fashion.

The first round of Flash Fashion items will go for sale this week on the Digitalax Marketplace. Each of these items is an ERC-1155 token, which incorporates NFTs for materials and textures.

Crypto Fashion Week

From February 22nd till February 26th the Crypto Fashion Week will take place online. There are workshops on Youtube and Twitch, while digital fashionistas can also join in discussions through Clubhouse. There’s a daily program on their website.

Digital fashion more relevant

At the moment digital fashion is a small business, but many people are working on it. As society is moving more into virtual environments, the need for digital representation is growing. Therefore having an avatar that looks good, could potentially be very important in the future. As a result digital fashion plays a crucial role here.

In blockchain-powered worlds like for example Somnium Space, Decentraland and Cryptovoxels the concept of wearables and digital fashion is growing in popularity. Even the iconic fashion brand Gucci is keeping an eye on the developments in this space. In addition Cryptovoxels recently announced their move to Polygon, allowing cheaper creation of wearables. In November games publisher Bandai Namco invested in avatar company Genies, underlining the potential for the personalization of digital identities.

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