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Footium Club Sale Kicks Off on November 15th

Footium NFT football strategy game

The Club Sale for the upcoming football management game Footium will start on Monday, November 15th. They will sell a total of 3060 clubs for 0.05 ETH each, spread out over three different phases. On Monday, Wednesday and Friday minting takes place at 6PM UTC through the ‘mint your club’ option on the Footium website.

Aside from the NFT club sale, the Footium team will organize a giveaway with 1 ETH and 5 Footium Clubs up for grabs. Everybody who joins the giveaway will end up on the whitelist for the phase 2 minting phase, which is the Wednesday session. There’s a whitelisting process for the rest of the sale moments as well, so make sure you’re in the know.

If you’re lucky to acquire a club, you will gain early access to the game. In addition every club NFT comes with a unique stadium, a generative club badge, AI generated club history, and a club kit. The team will reveal all the club details after the sale on November 22nd at 6PM UTC.

So why should you jump in now? Well, the club badge determines the rarity and size of your club. A rare badge will start in the higher leagues. The top tier league has 12 clubs, division 2 has 24, followed by 48 and so on. During this NFT sale they will sell enough club NFTs to fill 8 leagues. Now here’s the trick: all future sales will end up in even lower leagues. Someone who buys in the third presale, will probably end up in the 37th league, or something like that.

What is Footium?

Footium is an upcoming NFT-based football club management game that aims to give players true ownership of clubs and players. The game is focused on building the best team imaginable and rising through the leagues to earn the in-game token that’s also called Footium. Every football player is an NFT with specific attributes, with higher rarity cards performing better in-game. 

Players that own a football club will compete in a global multiplayer game mimicking the real world of football. Players’ teams will compete with each other twice per day against other clubs in the league, aiming to rise in the ranks. Teams that will move up the “pyramid” to a higher league, while losing teams will drop a league. As expected, the better a team performs, the better the rewards. 

The actual games will be automated, but you will need to pick the right tactics and line-ups to lead your team to success. You’ll be able to watch the matches in a real-time display, and so can everyone else.

Footium is also the name of the game’s token and will be the primary reward for performing well. The team states on their website that users can stake the Footium token to develop their football club. Clubs with more tokens will level up faster and have increased home field advantage. 

Read more about Footium here

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