Splinterlands Reveals Genesis League Soccer

Genesis League Soccer banner

A football/soccer game featuring Splinterlands characters could be pretty cool. Imagine the chaos as players blast each other with magic spells, taunts, and splash damage! Unfortunately, that’s not what we’re here to talk about today. But what we do have is interesting on its own. Basically, Splinterlands, the company, is building out a play-to-earn sports platform, starting with Genesis League Soccer.

Splinterlands has talked about crafting new games and expanding their presence in the blockchain space. And they even recently partnered with Warner Music. Today, they reveal a new partnership. This one is with the Major League Soccer Players Association, or MLSPA. This partnership will see the Splinterlands team build a web3, play-to-earn game called Genesis League Soccer.

But this is just the beginning of what seems to be a platform for sports games. The team dropped an infographic showing their potential plans for a Genesis League Sports suite of products covering a wide variety of sports games. This is also a push by the Splinterlands team to bring more attention from mainstream sources to web3 gaming.

Genesis League Sports

Genesis League Sports ecosystem
sample plan for Genesis League Sports ecosystem

The new sports platform will have its own token that works with all of the planned sports games. Users who have staked SPS will receive an airdrop of this new token. This will be a timed-release airdrop, much like the SPS airdrop. Potentially over six or twelve months.

Genesis League Sports will run on Hive, with its own token and own validator nodes. The team mentions Cosmos as the inspiration for this idea of each platform having its own mini-blockchain set of validators and criteria for validation, yet still being able to interact with other entities on the same, main blockchain. This also reduces the system requirements for validator nodes a bit, since they won’t be processing transactions for all the Splinterlands games.

And, like a growing number of web3 projects, Splinterlands wants to build an ecosystem of tools and services so that third-party developers can build on top of what they have created. The team also promises that this won’t take away from the development of the Splinterlands game. Most of the people working on the new sports platform have been new hires. Developers were not removed from the other Splinterlands projects.

Genesis League Soccer

Genesis League Soccer is the first game planned for the Genesis League Sports platform. This game will use real players and their stats. Players purchase packs of cards, each card representing a real-life player. The initial game will be some sort of management sim where you set your lineup and tactics, then face off against other players.

We don’t have much in the way of details on the actual gameplay yet but expect to see more information about Genesis League Soccer including a whitepaper and a roadmap in the coming weeks. First pack sale is planned for October 2022. They want the current soccer season to end so they can calculate player stats, which I guess will factor into the card generation.

The Splinterlands team has done an excellent job in regards to communication and delivering updates and new features, so I expect to see that same quality of work with Genesis League Soccer.

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