Mint a Divine Steward for Tearing Spaces

Tearing Spaces Divine Stewards banner

Tearing Spaces announces a new, upcoming mint for Divine Steward NFTs, playable characters with special powers and the potential to offer passive income as well!

We’ve had a Celstial mint and a weapon mint for Tearing Spaces. Now it’s time to to combine the two to make Divine Steward NFTs!

These Divine Stewards will be ‘Omnichain NFTs’. This means that they will be swappable between different blockchains in the future. This functionality is being developed through a partnership with LayerZero, a protocol being designed to allow interoperability between blockchains.

Divine Steward Mint

The mint opens on July 17th and will be on the Ethereum blockchain, so there will likely be a gas fee involved. In addition, to create a Divine Steward, players must fuse two Celestial NFTs, and one Genesis Weapon NFT. During the process, the Celestials will be burned, and the Genesis Weapon downgraded to a non-Genesis weapon. The rarity of the weapon used in the mint will affect the rarity of the Divine Steward. Celestial Avatars are currently going for about 40 MATIC, and Genesis Weapons for 25 MATIC each.

So what use are these Stewards? For one, they can will be cool looking avatars. Secondly, they will have attribute boosts as well as special abilities in-game. But perhaps the most interesting feature of them all, holders of Divine Stewards will have the potential to share in the revenue produced from future mints, and ongoing market fees!

But this is a bit of a competition as well. There will be three tiers, divided between the three character rarities (R, SR, and SSR). In each tier, only Divine Stewards who are in the top two levels of the highest level earned receive rewards.

For example: if the two highest levels in the SSR rarity segment are Level 4 (30 holders) and Level 6 (12 holders), the 30 x Level 4 holders will split 50% of the prize pool while the 12 x Level 6 holders will divide the other 50%. Holders with levels lower than Level 4 won’t receive a portion of the prize pool.

And how do you level up these characters? By playing them! This creates a bit of competition among the holders, and encourages them to be used within the game rather than just sitting in a wallet. There will also be a staking system implemented for Divine Stewards during phase 2 of the open beta. I’m not sure what the earnings will be, but character rarity, level, and duration held will all factor into the calculations.

What is Tearing Spaces?

Tearing spaces is a three versus three MOBA game. With a top-down view and action-packed gameplay, Tearing Spaces is a combination PvE and PvP game. Each team must battle through rooms of enemies to open the door to the final boss. First team to defeat their Boss foe wins. Players can also choose to use special teleporters on the map to transport to the other team’s area and try to slow them down!

Characters equip weapons and talents before a match, allowing players to customize to their playstyle. Players can acquire Talent Fragments as they play, later using them to power up their talent abilities.

Tearing Spaces will be free to play with play and earn opportunities. Each Hero comes with a their own selection of abilities and skills. The game provides six free weapons to equip. However, free weapons don’t earn TSC tokens. Players can earn game tokens by equipping NFT weapons and killing enemies, and also by winning tournaments. Players can increase token earnings by leveling up their characters in-game.

To encourage trying different playstyles and to keep inflation in check, characters and weapons have limited uses per day. Weapons also break down over time, requiring repair. Tearing Spaces will include daily quests, a battle pass system, leaderboards, and all that sort of good stuff. Players also have their own homes, which can be decorated with a number of items found by playing. Many decorations are NFTs and can be traded with other players.

To learn more about Tearing Spaces, you can visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord server.

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