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Hunters On-Chain Prepares for Mainnet Release

Hunters On-Chain mainnet banner

Hunters On-Chain had a period of significant popularity when they first launched their game on the testnet earlier this year. And once their initial promotions ended, players were eager to see the game launch. That day finally arrives as Hunters plans to make an official release at the end of this month, letting players hunt for loot and glory for keeps!

Hunters On-Chain had a very successful beta test launch at the beginning of 2022. However, since then, players have been patiently waiting for the official game launch. That day is now nearly upon us, as the Hunters team announced plans to officially launch their game on July 20th! This initial release will only be open for holders of Genesis Hunters. The game will open to the general public at a later, still undecided, time.

Starting on the 20th, players will be able to make permanent progression, earning BGEM tokens to open chests, craft artifacts, and upgrade their Hunters. Those who hold Genesis Hunters and also engaged with the testnet will receive a token airdrop when the game launches. There will also be a token drop for all of those who claimed BGEM from the Hunters website.

For anyone holding Genesis Hunters, your Hunter NFTs must NOT be up for sale. If they are, then you won’t get the airdrop reward. Also, all participants from the test gameplay should also receive a copy of the Common Hunter they were given on the testnet.

The initial launch will be for their web-based version of the game, but expect to see mobile releases following soon afterwards. Hunters On-chain uses the Sequence wallet for game transactions.

Hunters NFTs
a few Hunters ready for action!

Hunters Gameplay

Hunters is a fantasy, top-down, action game. It includes both PvE and PvP game modes.

For PvE, each match features four players fighting monsters and leveling up. In Hunt mode, matches last for two minutes, with the top spot going to whoever has earned the most experience in that time, or whoever is the last survivor — whichever comes first. Each player starts the match at level 1 with full hit points. As they kill monsters and grab the stars that drop, players gain experience. Gain enough experience, and you level up, earning the right to choose between two, semi-random promotions. These promotions include standard power-ups such as increased damage, greater attack range, and more hit points, as well as special abilities like Damage Reflect and Demon Pact (sacrifice HP for more damage).

As the match goes on, the monsters spawned get tougher. So just trying to hide and survive the match isn’t really a viable tactic. Players need to actively get out on the battlefield and increase their levels. Monsters generally spawn in the corners of the map, though they will chase players all around. At the center lies a healing square that can be visited at any time.

The other PvE game mode currently available is Boss Hunt. The basics for this mode are the same, though players earn double experience. That’s because the ultimate goal of the match is to do as much damage as possible to the Boss Dragon who lives on the right side of the map. Players can go over and fight the Dragon at any point, but it’s better to level up a bit first. Boss Hunts last for three and a half minutes. Final rankings are based on the amount of damage dealt to the Boss.

PvP is FFA arena carnage where players try to get the most kills. Players can earn BGEM tokens from playing matches, which can be used to purchase chests containing random artifacts and hunter shards. BGEM is also used for leveling up Hunters.

To learn more about Boomland and Hunters on-Chain, you can visit the Boomland website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord.

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