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Mighty Action Heroes Open Beta

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Mighty Action Heroes goes full Monty with an open beta, inviting anyone and everyone to come playtest their game. And if you own an NFT from one of the associated collections, you can even start crafting and selling game items!

The Mighty Action Heroes beta is now open for everyone. The game is free to play and runs in a browser window, so all you need to do is connect your wallet and you’re ready to go!

And to inaugurate this event, Mighty Action Heroes is running two play and earn events through Treasure, a combination game launchpad, marketplace, and social hub. The first option is a Greeting Quest, with basic quests such as get X number of kills with a certain weapon and play 20 matches. Complete enough quests, and you will earn a special Treasure Supply Chest at the end of the event. The more points you earn, the rarer the chest you will receive. This quest will remain open until July 31st.

The second play and earn opportunity comes from a tournament with $3,000 worth of prizes. This event runs until July 25th and features a leaderboard tracking the most kills. At the end of the tournament, the top players earn prizes including trophies, MAGIC tokens, and Big Bear Syndicate NFTs.

Players can access the intro quest through the lobby. It requires setting up accounts on both Mighty Action Heroes, and Treasure, and linking your Twitter and Discord accounts as well. You can learn more about both of the events here.

Mighty Action Heroes supply chests
purchase supply chests for crafting materials

What’s new in Mighty Action Heroes Open Beta?

This latest beta release brings supply crates and crafting to Mighty Action Heroes.

Though the Mighty Action Heroes beta is free to play, The main rewards or perks come with owning a Big Bear Syndicate or a MightyNet Genesis Pass NFT. With either of these types of NFTs, players can stake them to earn MBITS rewards. They can then use these MBITS to purchase supply crates, and use the items in the crates to craft items. Twelve craftable Grenades were just added to the game, for some extra explosive fun. These Grenades are NFTs, so they can be bought and sold in the marketplace. And there will certainly be more crafting items added in future updates.

Crafting in Mighty Action Heroes has a dynamic cost. The more often an item is crafted, the more resources it will require for the next craft!

The inventory system has received an update as well to help crafters keep their items organized,

inventory in Mighty Action Heroes
gather blueprints for crafting

Mighty Action Heroes has also added a spectate mode. Now you can continue to watch the action after your death if you choose.

The game is missing many features, but still very playable. Matches last for only 10 minutes or so, making this an easy game to jump in and play at any time.

What is Mighty Action Heroes?

Mighty Action Heroes is a free to play, top-down, browser-based, battle royale game in development on the Ethereum blockchain. It will include both on-chain and off-chain assets. Some cosmetic items and all novice level heroes will be off-chain. Premium Heroes and Equipment, as well as crafting resources and blueprints will be on-chain. Free to play players won’t have access to some game features such as crafting.

The game’s characters are inspired by popular action heroes from around the world. Players can level up their Heroes and equip them with various weapons and abilities.

Players earn rewards based on their final standing at the end of each match. In addition, Mighty Action Heroes will include the standard battle pass style system. In this case it’s called a Season Pass and will offer both a Starter and Premium Tier, with the better rewards reserved for Premium Pass holders.

They also plan to introduce their own ecosystem token called MGHTY.

To learn more about Mighty Action Heroes, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord.

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a hunting we will go
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