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Open beta arrives soon in Tearing Spaces, bringing player and guild prize pools, daily play and earn, a referral system, and the first chance to see the newly minted divine Stewards in action!

Fresh off the mint of their Divine Stewards (which will remain permanently open), Tearing Spaces announces their open beta, starting on July 24th. This beta opens up their game to everyone, offering numerous ways to earn tokens and other prizes.

Season one of the Tearing Spaces open beta will run from July 24th through August 14th. Season two from August 28th until September 18th. And though the beta is open for several weeks at a time, there will be specific, limited playtimes each day. These will run from 2am until 5am UTC and 12pm to 5pm UTC every day. Daily resets for stamina, weapon use, etc, will occur at the start of the 2am session.

Divine Stewards from Tearing Spaces
Divine Stewards

What’s in the Open Beta?

This beta will see the first implementation of Divine Stewards. Divine Stewards are playable characters in-game (with bonuses and special powers), and they also provide an opportunity to share in an exclusive pool of rewards!

The reward pool for Divine Stewards starts at 1000 USDT, and will also include 2.5% of any income from the weapon mint, and 20% of secondary market fees earned during the beta season. But remember, 90% of this pool goes to those holding the rarest (SSR) Stewards. And, your Steward has to be in the top two levels of all Stewards (of your rarity) in order to receive any of these rewards! So while this pool could be a very nice pouch of coins, you will need to be a dedicated player to earn your share.

Players will need TSC tokens to upgrade their Stewards, which can be earned daily and at the end of each season. Daily earnings are based on league rank, wins, and the rarity of weapons held. Daily rewards come from a shared pool of TSC tokens. Even players without weapon NFTs will have a chance to earn from this prize pool.

Seasonal rankings are based on the combined league ranks of all characters on the account. Seasonal rewards include TSC tokens, character skins, and whitelist spots.

Staking functionality for Divine Stewards and Celestials should begin at the start of season 2. This will provide an additional method for earning TSC tokens.

Aside from the single player rewards, there will also be additional prizes for the top ten guilds. These include USDT, TSC tokens, Weapons NFTs, and a percentage of the income from the upcoming weapon mint! Guilds accumulate points by adding active players, winning battles, daily activity, weapon mints, and referrals.

On top of all of that, there will also be a raffle and the end of each season, and players can earn rebates by referring friends! So there is no shortage of earning opportunity with this open beta!

There has been an adjustment in weapons for the beta as well. And there is even more, with new monsters and a new boss! You can read the official blog post with the full details here. You can download the game at

a new Boss in Tearing Spaces
a new Boss

What is Tearing Spaces?

Tearing spaces is a three versus three MOBA game. With a top-down view and action-packed gameplay, Tearing Spaces is a combination PvE and PvP game. Each team must battle through rooms of enemies to open the door to the final boss. First team to defeat their Boss foe wins. Players can also choose to use special teleporters on the map to transport to the other team’s area and try to slow them down!

Characters equip weapons and talents before a match, allowing players to customize to their playstyle. Players can acquire Talent Fragments as they play, later using them to power up their talent abilities.

Tearing Spaces will be free to play with play and earn opportunities. Each Hero comes with a their own selection of abilities and skills. The game provides six free weapons to equip. However, free weapons don’t earn TSC tokens. Players can earn game tokens by equipping NFT weapons and killing enemies, and also by winning tournaments. Players can increase token earnings by leveling up their characters in-game.

To encourage trying different playstyles and to keep inflation in check, characters and weapons have limited uses per day. Weapons also break down over time, requiring repair. Tearing Spaces will include daily quests, a battle pass system, leaderboards, and all that sort of good stuff. Players also have their own homes, which can be decorated with a number of items found by playing. Many decorations are NFTs and can be traded with other players.

To learn more about Tearing Spaces, you can visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord server.

new skills in Tearing Spaces
new skills
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