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Life Beyond Opens Solo Combat Trials

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Life Beyond opens up a new addition to their Hub, with a virtual simulation experience known as the Solo Combat Trials. These Trials server as a challenge, a source of bragging rights, and a training ground, all in a safe, virtual simulation!

While we still wait to return to the planet of Dolos, Life Beyond has given us The Hub, a centralized social and informational space. Now, a new feature arrives in The Hub called Solo Combat Trials.

Solo Combat Trials

Solo Combat Trials see players face off against obstacles and enemies in a generated simulation. The challenges become increasingly difficult as players progress farther into the experience. The Solo Combat Trials are open to everyone, though holders of the Founders NFTs receive early access. Founders can already try their hand at the Trials, while everyone else can access the new challenge starting on May 29th, at 11am CET.

And though the Life Beyond hasn’t said anything about prizes for participating in the Solo Combat Trials, they are including a leaderboard. Every time a player completes a trial run, they will be scored based on certain criteria specific to the level they were on. So presumably, there could be some future contests with prizes for the top Combat Trials participants — maybe even hosted by the players!

Solo Combat Trials
Solo Combat Trials

There are apparently other modules being worked on for the simulator. Each with a different challenge or experience. It’s also easy to see how these simulation rooms would serve as a great training ground for new players — or even experienced players who want to try out different weapons and equipment!

You can access the game by creating an account on Life Beyond and downloading the Hub.

Concept image from Life Beyond
Concept image from Life Beyond

What is Life Beyond?

Life Beyond is a free-to-play, play-and-earn, FPS-style MMORPG with a third-person view. In Life Beyond, players are citizens of the Dolos Planet, an alien world around a distant star. During the first alpha, players worked to clear and defend land for the first settlement. Along the way they encountered a variety of hostile wildlife, many of them similar to giant, alien roaches!

The game follows the lore, with reasoning for the alpha events and shutdowns written in as part of the storyline. Players go on solo or group Missions for experience and rewards. But while doing so, they also help contribute towards larger, community goals which open up new events and prizes.

Players have four classes to choose from, each with a different weapon selection. Try them out on solo missions or sign up for group missions to receive greater rewards.

To learn more about Life Beyond, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord.

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