Mint a Life Beyond Agent Zero Jacket

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After a bit of a delay, the mint for the Agent Zero Jacket has arrived in Life Beyond. This is a special, limited edition NFT that promises perks both in and out of game.

Life Beyond delayed the initially planned mint for their Agent Zero Jacket after the FTX collapse. But with markets seeming to stabilize, it’s time to mint those Jackets!

This special, Agent Zero Jacket is limited to 4,000 in number. With 2,750 reserved for Founder Key holders, and another 250 held back for marketing, promotions, etc, that leaves only 1,000 left available for the sale! Each Jacket costs $135 to mint, though Founder Key holders get them for free.

Founder Key holders don’t have to do anything. Anyone holding a Founder Key at the time of the snapshot (not yet announced), will receive an airdrop of an Agent Zero Jacket NFT! And since Founder Keys also offer other, ongoing benefits, it may be worth grabing one if you plan on playing Life Beyond. Earlier today the lowest price on secondary markets was just above the Jacket sale price, though sale volume seemed to be picking up, so that may not last for long!

Those without Founder Keys have to purchase their Agent Zero Jackets. Holders of the Trooper Key NFT get first crack during the private sale on November 30th, 2pm UTC. If any remain from that, the rest of the Jackets go up for public sale a day later. Though with over 69 thousand Trooper Keys in existence, I can’t imagine any Jackets making it past the private sale.

Trooper Keys cost only about 50 cents, so there is little reason to not participate in the private sale.

This limited edition, Agent Zero Jacket is an in-game wearable with a number of perks. It will have in-game utility and provide bonuses for wearing it. It will also be usable in a staking program, provide access to acquiring a physical version, and put holders on the allowlist for the next Agent Zero outfit item.

Wearers of this Jacket will likely have access to special quests and events in-game as well. This item is considered the genesis wearable for Life Beyond. And as such, it will confer life-long advantages and hold a special place in the game.

What is Life Beyond?

Life Beyond is a free-to-play, play-and-earn MMORPG with a third-person view. In this game, players are citizens of the Dolos Planet, an alien world around a distant star. During the alpha, players are clearing and defending land for the first settlement. In the way are a lot of hostile wildlife, many of them similar to giant, alien roaches!

The game follows the lore, with reasoning for the alpha events and shutdowns written in as part of the storyline. Players go on Missions for experience and rewards, but while doing so, they also help contribute towards larger, community goals which open up new events and prizes.

Players have four classes to choose from, each with a different weapon selection. Try them out on solo missions or sign up for group missions to receive greater rewards.

The initial alpha phases for Life Beyond are complete, but expect to see more alpha and beta releases in the near future. If you want to participate in these early gameplay openings, you will need one of the four keys, all of which are available on Open Sea.

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