Customize Your Genopets With Augments

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Players of Genopets have been crafting Augments for some time. But now, at long last, players can use those Augments to customize their pet’s appearance — including tail, mane, color, and more!

Genopets takes another step forward in Phase 2 of their game development with the addition of Augment equipping. Genopets owners are no longer stuck with the default look for their pets. Now they can use a variety of Augments to change the appearance of their pet, from various body parts to even the color!

More About Augments

If players don’t own any Augment NFTs, Genopets provides everyone with a few, free, starter Augments that are account bound. Players who do own Augment NFTs can transfer them into and out of the game via the Genopets website.

Unfortunately, there is no fitting room option, so the Augments just get equipped when selected. Augments can be swapped once attached, but not removed directly. So if you only have a single item of a specific part, once you equip it, you can’t remove it! Also, Coloring Crystals, are burned when used. Which kind of sucks when there is no warning and no preview! Hopefully these issues will be fixed soon.

Augments are made by players via Habitats. Players need to use Crystals (also acquired from Habitats) and KI or GENE tokens to craft Augments. When creature battles are introduced in a future update, Augments will provide extra combat moves for the pet.

Augments receipes
Augments receipes

In addition to equippable Augments, Genopets also introduced a new, daily step tracking chart, and the Genodex, an in-app compendium of every Genopet in the game. This lets players easily see other people’s Genopets and provides a place for everyone to show off their fancy Augments!

Up next for Genopets to finish out phase 2 are turn-based, PvP mini-games, and a system where players can earn rewards by completing challenges. I imagine this will be tasks such as walk X miles this week and things like that.

What is Genopets?

Genopets is a free-to-play, move-to-earn game built on the Solana blockchain. When using the Genopets app, players collect steps while walking. They convert those steps into Energy, and then use that Energy to level up their Pet or exchange for KI tokens. KI tokens are the main currency in Genopets and used to craft Crystals, upgrade Pets, and maintain Habitats.

Genopets visually change as they level up. Higher level Pets also offer a better step to Energy conversion rate. Genopets recently introduced new level-based Energy conversion system that greatly reduced the amount of Energy generated by players. Especially those with low level Genopets.

Genopets features a number of NFTs, as well as the new style ‘SFTs’ for stackable resources. The main NFTs are Genesis Genopets and Habitats. SFT Resources include Raw Crystals, Refined Crystals, Terraform Seeds, and Pet Augments. Pet Augments are used to customize the Genopets.

Genopets is currently in closed beta, though finding an invitation code is not difficult.

Visit the Genopets website, follow them in Twitter, and join their Discord server to learn more about this move to earn game.

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