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Customize Your Clashdome Apartment

Clashdome apartment customization banner

Clashdome is quietly building its own little mini-metaverse of mobile friendly, play to earn games. They added character Avatars a while back, who, for the most part, have been living in rather bare living quarters. But now players can customize their apartment in Clashdome with items they craft or purchase, as well as trophies and awards from special events!

Citizens in Clashdome don’t want to just hang around a boring, plain apartment. They want to liven up their space and make it their own. Soon, they will have plenty of options to choose from. But these customization aren’t all just for decoration. Some even provide in-game bonuses!

There are already a few customization items floating around on the secondary markets, but expect to see a lot more in the near future.

Players acquire items for their apartments in various ways. Some are offered as limited time crafting options, others rewarded as prizes for contests and events. Clashdome will also add packs and special, weekly sales to their in-game shop. And finally, the team also plans to include decoration rewards as prizes for the weekly leaderboards.

Apartment customization items come in four basic categories. First off, there are the decorative items that add new graphics to the apartment. Along with that are ‘decorative features’. These are things such as changing the wall color or floor style. Items that have a decorative effect, but that aren’t really things you would put up for display. Then we have Cosmetic Accessories. These are cosmetics for player avatars. They can change the in-game visuals for the Citizen, but don’t affect the NFT itself.

a poster for your apartment

And last, but certainly not least, Gamer Trinkets. These decorative items also provide game bonuses. For example, there might be a figurine that shows the owning player all the possible play combinations on the Candy Fiesta board.

Apartment items are also grouped into sets, or themes. These include Clashdome (Clashdome propaganda and swag), Modding (we need more blinky things!), and Gamerism (idolization of games and characters from games). These are just the starting sets. Expect to see many more options in the future!

What is Clashdome?

ClashDome is growing ecosystem of mobile-friendly games running on the WAX blockchain. Players can compete against each other in head-to-head duels and by jostling for a top spot in the daily leaderboards. Winners are rewarded with Ludio, the native ClashDome token which can be traded on the Alcor exchange.

ClashDome currently runs five games. Endless Siege, a tower defense game, Candy Fiesta, a candy crush style matching game, Templok, a non-moving, Tetris-like game, Ringy Dingy, a kind of 3-layer tic-tac-toe, and Rug Pool, a billiards game. In each game, players match up against an opponent and both players play a game using the same map / board setup. Whoever scores highest, wins LUDIO tokens. Players can choose to wager tokens for potentially higher rewards.

a few Clashdome Citizens

In the near future, Clashdome plans to increase the social aspects of their ecosystem, adding a friends list and options for private duels. They also want to build a tournament system, allowing players to create and customize their own competitions. Additional items in the works include an in-game exchange, allowing for easy swapping of the various game tokens, and a staking program where players can lock their tokens for passive rewards.

Longer-term plans include new games, a virtual social hub, Citizen breeding, arcade ownership, and expanding to other blockchains! So if you’re into casual, mobile-friendly games, that can also be play and earn, then Clashdome might be worth checking out! They recently released a whitepaper which you can read here.

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