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Fire up your Engines for Riot Racers Paid Racing

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Riot Racers quietly moved from testing, free-race only phase into paid racing mode. And while there are still many unreleased features, Riot Racers is following the development model of solidifying the most important, base code before moving on to releasing additional features. Players who own both a Car and a Driver can now join in paid, and free races, all of which pay out rewards in RIOT tokens!

After testing the waters with weeks of free racing, Riot Racers moves onto the next stage of their racing game. Players now have the option of joining races with entry fees that provide rewards in RIOT tokens to the top three finishers.

In addition, the Riot Racers team recently introduced Racing School. These are free-to-enter races with a maximum of 3 entrants each. Everyone in these races wins just a little bit of RIOT token. These are meant to function practice races, allowing players a chance to try out different Driver, Car, and strategy combos in meaningful races without breaking the bank. Though there is no entrance fee for Racing School events, they do require a captcha completion to discourage botting.

Spawning new Cars and Drivers

Soon there will be a system allowing Car and Driver owners to create the next generation of NFTs. It feels a little weird to refer to Cards ‘breeding’ to make new Cars, so Riot Racers is instead using the term ‘Spawning’. This new generation of Cars and Drivers will be part of the Artemis collection (tier 2). Cars and Drivers from the Artemis collection do not have rarities, and will only have basic designs.

Also, unlike Tier 1, Tier 2 NFTs have a limited lifespan. It’s unclear if this a real-time countdown, or based on the number of races entered. Either way, after a certain point Cars and Drivers from the Artemis collection will be retired and can no longer be used for racing. Tier 1 (Genesis) NFTs never retire and also provide bonuses during Spawning.

A few Riot Racers cars
A few Riot Racers cars

Spawning takes two NFTs as well as RIOT tokens and ETH. Each NFT has a limit of how often it can Spawn and total Spawning uses. Players can use their own assets for minting or rent them from the market.

You can match up any two cars to Spawn a new one. They don’t need to be matching classes. However, the Artemis class Car created from the mint will be the same class as the lower of the two parents, so that’s an important point to keep in mind.

When matching Drivers, sex does matter. A player needs one male Driver and one female Driver to spawn a new Driver. Drivers are spawned with random traits, making even the most lowly skilled Driver still useful. Mechas, which are Drivers that are neither male or female, will have a special use case in the future.

Riot Racers drivers
a few Riot Racer Drivers

Rentals and other Updates

Rentals will be an important part of the Riot Racers ecosystem, especially since rented Drivers and Cars can be used to spawn new, Artemis class NFTs. This provides a lot of additional, potential value to renters. And to owners with large collections who perhaps don’t have the time or the inclination to manage to breed their entire inventory!

Spawning and Renting are both expected to land in Q2 of 2022.

Other features that should be coming this year include 3D race replays, Car upgrades, and tournaments!

Earning by Holding

Riot Racers features a passive earning system for token and NFT holders called the Riot Owners Club. Club membership comes in 5 different ranks, from Genesis level to Ludicrous level. Each one requires holding various amounts of Riot Racers resources. For example, enrolling in the Genesis level club requires owning at least 1 Genesis car, and at least 100 RIOT tokens.

Club members are rewarded daily at midnight UTC time. This reward does not accumulate and must be claimed every day. Track owners have an additional earning system that does accumulate and can be claimed at any time. Claims are free of charge and deposited directly to your in-game wallet.

Racetrack ownership benefits inforgraphic
Racetrack ownership benefits inforgraphic

What is Riot Racers?

Riot Racers is a play-to-earn racing game in which gamers can earn by playing the game or owning parts of the game ecosystem. Players own cars, which they can upgrade using RIOT tokens. They earn RIOT by competing in races. Before joining a race, players pick a driver, car and a strategy based on the race conditions. With multiple attributes for both Drivers and Cars, varying track conditions based on weather, and six different strategy options, there are enough variables to make every race different.

Cars fuel up at gas stations before a race. Once started, the game generates the race in the background based on the entrants’ choices, track conditions, and some random factors. The outcome of a race is determined primarily by the player’s race selections, though Cars and Drivers with higher XP and better upgrades do have some slight advantages. The top finishers of each competitive race earn rewards, paid in RIOT tokens. The game plans to add 3D video replays of the races soon.

a sample of cars available in Riot Racers
a sample of cars available in Riot Racers

Riot Racers offers passive income through owning a business or part of a racetrack. Gas Stations, Mechanic Shops, and Racetrack pieces are all in high demand. Track owners receive a portion of the entry fees for every race run on their track, while Mechanics and Gas Stations earn tokens when players use their facilities for gassing up and repairing their Cars. In addition, Billboard land NFTs allow owners to advertise their own product or service, or rent the billboard out for some side income!

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