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Imposters Beta Playtest

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Imposters will open up a short playtest for their NFT holders this Friday (March 24th). This social deduction, Among Us inspired game, encourages streaming and other social interactions. In fact, content creators have a chance to earn over $3k in prizes for creations based on this playtest!

NOTE: Due to issues the team ran into when upgrading their app to Unreal Engine 5.1, this playtest has been rescheduled to March 31st, from 3pm to 8pm CST.

The Imposters Beta playtest begins on March 24th, 3pm CST, and runs until 8pm CST the same day. Participants will receive a special POAP (Proof of Attendance Protocol) NFT for attending. For now, Imposters is pretty much a direct rip of Among Us. Though the team has plans to add additional game modes and expand on their system, allowing players to create their own maps and games in the Imposters ecosystem!

This beta playtest is only open to verified holders. To become a verified holder, you need to own a Genesis Alien Imposters NFT, and go through a quick verification process on their Discord. The cheapest Genesis Aliens currently go for a little under 0.5 ETH. And as a socially oriented game, Imposters wants to reward those who contribute to the community through streaming, videos, and other media.

Those who create content around this playtest can enter a contest to be considered for prizes in a an event dubbed ‘Psycho Content’. Players will have a week after the playtest to submit their entries. After that, verified holders have until April 2nd to vote on their favorites. First place in the community vote wins $2500, second place $500, and third place $200!

What is Imposters?

Imposters is a multiplayer, social game, inspired by Among Us. But Imposters is taking this game idea to a new level by incorporating NFTs and allowing player made maps and game modes.

The Genesis Imposters NFTs are a collection of 10,420 unique Aliens. Each Genesis Alien also allows minting of a number of secondary NFTs including UFOs, Pets, Materials, Cosmetics Chests, and Lands! Alien owners can stake their NFTs to earn BLOOD, the game currency used for minting and other activities. Though the staking feature is currently paused. So it you want BLOOD token for minting you’ll have to purchase it on Uniswap or wait until staking is resumed.

Each of the secondary NFTs can only be claimed once per Genesis Alien. If you plan on buying a Genesis Alien, you will probably want to use the check eligibility page to see which of the NFTs that Alien has already claimed. The secondary NFTs also factor into eligibility for the releases that came after it, making this a multi-tiered system. Land NFTs have not been released yet. I think you will need one of each of the other NFT types to mint land. And these NFTs will all feed into a larger game ecosystem at some future date. You will likely want to do some research into all of this before you jump in.

Imposters NFT claiming
Imposters NFT claiming

But, despite the NFT complexities, Imposters has the potential to carve out a space for themselves in web3 social gaming.

To learn more about Imposters, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord.

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