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Mocaverse Reveals Moca NFTs and Experience System

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The Mocaverse quickly kicks into gear! Not even three weeks out from their NFT mint, the Moca NFTs have been revealed, utility cases have been added, and an experience system implemented. And accordingly, this PFP collection of wacky characters has also shot up in value!

Fresh off the mint of their Moca PFP collection, Animoca Brands is already finding ways to push value and utility onto this new project.The mint allowed participants to generate two Moca NFTs for the price of one, with a final cost of a little over $100 per NFT. Now, the floor price for Mocas sits at nearly $1500 USD!

On March 17th, the Mocas were revealed, and a soft staking system was implemented for holders. This system allows Mocas to begin earning experience points which will feed into the ongoing, planned utility for these NFTs

a few of the Moca NFTs
a few of the Moca NFTs

Animoca wants these Moca to help bring more exposure to their entire portfolio as well as create some links between their wide array of projects.

One example of this was the recent acquisition of 1.5M Ape Coins (valued at over $6 million dollars), placed into a special ETH wallet. These coins provide voting power in the Yuga Labs ecosystem, in which Animoca is already an investor. Once the system is setup, owners will be able to use their Mocas on a consensus, proxy vote for whatever proposals are up for DAO-based voting in the BAYC ecosystem.

Expect to see more connections like this added over the coming months. And the fact that Animoca Labs is very quickly providing utility and value for this Mocaverse project is a very bullish sign, IMO!

a rather unique 'roadmap' for the Mocaverse
a rather unique ‘roadmap’ for the Mocaverse

Moca Experience System

The Mocaverse also introduced an experience system for Mocas. Mocas can earn experience points through a soft staking program, as well as by participating in special events, contests, and community rewards.

The soft staking program secretly began when the Mocas were first revealed on March 17th. Each staking period runs for one week. Earning points is simple. Hold a Moca and don’t sell, trade, or even list it. Each day that it simply sits in your wallet is worth one experience point. So, if you have done nothing at all with your Mocas, you are already earning experience points!

Moca experience point system
Moca experience point system

So what’s the point of this experience system? Moca experience will factor into future whitelist draws and end of the season reward boxes. Boxes may be sorted into different tiers and can contain tokens and NFTs from partners and projects within the Animoca portfolio.

The experience points accumulated stay with the Moca when it is transferred to a different wallet. However, at the end of each season, all experience points will be reset for the next round, allowing new owners a chance to join in the fun. They will soon update their website so owners can see how much experience their Mocas have accumulated.

To learn more about Mocas and the Mocaverse, follow them on Twitter, join their Discord server, and visit their website.

Animoca Brands

Animoca Brands has quickly grown into one of the largest players in the web3 gaming scene. They have a number of direct subsidiaries, such as The Sandbox, Darewise, and Blowfish Studios. The portfolio features many well known games including Benji Bananas, Life Beyond, REVV Racing, and Phantom Galaxies.They have also invested in Open Sea, Yuga Labs, Axie Infinity, and many, many more projects!

To learn more about Animoca Brands, visit their website and follow them on Twitter.

some of the Animoca Brands portfolio
some of the Animoca Brands portfolio
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