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Planet Mojo’s Gameplay Leaks and Upcoming Playtest

Players who minted the Mojo NFT will be able to access the Mojo Melee, the core game mode of Planet Mojo. The team’s goal is to gather feedback from their loyal community. A premint campaign has started to win a free “VIP Playtester Pass” NFT that will grant access to future Planet Mojo’s playtests in September.

Planet Mojo is an NFT Game with one of the biggest communities in the industry. The pre-alpha playtests are one of the most anticipated events in web 3 gaming! Players who hold at least a Mojo NFT will have access to live scheduled Mojo Melee playtests throughout the rest of August. Those who don’t have an NFT can sign up for the ‘VIP Playtester Pass’ to participate in September.

What’s Mojo Melee?

Mojo Melee is the core game mode of Planet Mojo’s mythical metaverse, which will include other game modes like land gameplay.  This game mode falls into the auto-chess battler genre. It’s identical to other NFT Games like Illuvium, where players will have a timer to place units on a board.  Players will have to take strategic decisions, like which units will be placed on the board and their position. After the timer runs out the battle will begin and all the units will start moving, fighting, and using their magical abilities while players sit back and simply watch.

In the pre-alpha test, players will have a Mojo, four champions and two Spell Stones. Champions are also NFTs and creatures in this magical world and Spell stones enable Mojos to either cast offensive or defensive magical abilities. Two to three sessions per week will be organized for players to test their skills and try out Mojo Melee’s core features. In this playtest players will try PvP in fast-paced matches. Each session will last for around 1 hour and will involve multiple matches.

About Planet Mojo

Planet Mojo is a web 3 gaming metaverse. It is home of the Mojos and Champions, both inhabitants of this magical world. Both of these creatures exist in the form of NFTs and can be used in Mojo Melee, Planet Mojo’s auto-chess battler. Besides Mojo Melee, this metaverse will also include other game modes, like land gameplay, where you’ll be able to use your NFT Mojos.

This web 3 game falls into the play-and-earn category. This means that having fun and a good experience are the priorities and earning comes after. Eventually, by playing their play-and-earn games, and participating in e-sports tournaments players will be able to monetize their time spent in-game. On top of this, you’ll be able to emerge in Planet Mojo through your browser! No need for an expensive gaming computer to enjoy this amazing NFT Game.

Planet Mojo is currently under development by Mystic Moose, a decentralized independent development studio. Game industry veterans from LucasArts, EA, Activision, and HappyGiant work and are now developing this AAA NFT Gaming title.


Planet Mojo managed to gain traction They now are considered one of the biggest communities in NFT Gaming with over 88,700+ Twitter followers and 69,500 Discord+ members. With such a large community, Planet Mojo’s gameplay is one of the most expected events in NFT Gaming.

If you don’t own a Mojo NFT, get your free NFT Mojo’s Premint campaign and try out Mojo Melee in September.

It’s a project to keep on your radar because of the amazing artwork, AAA-quality gameplay, lore, and the fact that it’s being built by people who have years of experience when it comes to developing games. Planet Mojo has the potential to change the way people see NFT Gaming.