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Gala Games Unveils Several New Projects

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Over the last couple of weeks, Gala has revealed a number of new projects, with many of the announcements coming from their Galaverse II event. And it wasn’t all just about NFT sales! Gala also added a new NFT Film project, as well as several additional games. Though we have very little information about most of these projects, let’s do a rundown of what we do know.

Since we already covered Gala Films in a separate article, I won’t say much about them here. But I do want to note that Gala now has a games division, a film project, and a music group, all focused on utilizing NFTs! Some are worried that they may be spreading themselves too thin. But so far, they seem to have done a good job of running their own in-house projects while incorporating outside teams into their ecosystem.

And they do receive some rightful flak for having more sales and announcements about new games without delivering on any of their older titles. But, it feels like Gala Games, and the larger blockchain gaming space as a whole, is poised on the brink of delivering the next generation of quality, blockchain games to an eager gaming audience.

So, let’s take a look at four new games recently announced by Gala.

Freestyle Football 2

Freestyle Football 2 banner
Freestyle Football 2

A third person football game (soccer for any Americans reading this) with a cast of wacky characters. The Freestyle game franchise has been around for quite a while. It’s nice to see an already existing game company moving into the blockchain universe. I look forward to seeing what they do with this game. Though we don’t have much in the way of official announcements, it seems like this game won’t need a Founder’s vote? Release date listed as TBD.

Champions Arena

Champions Arena bills itself as a turn based RPG. With over 100 Champions and items, Champions Arena seems to combine idle clicker with deck building and RPG style, turn-based battles. Players send Champions into battle, aiding them with equipment, spell, and skill cards. Players also customize their Champions with gear and powerful auras. The game promises PvE, PvP, guild brawls, and story campaigns. Those attending the Galaverse event received a special preview of the game, and initial reports are encouraging.

Forever Winter

Forever Winter is a third person shooter by a team called Fun Dog Studios. Release date is listed as ‘after 2023’. I guess this one has already been accepted into the Gala Games ecosystem, as they had a flash sale for Forever Winter Ancient Bunkers in early June. We do not yet have any more information about this game.

Betwixt NFT

Betwixt sample

Part game, part generative artwork. Betwixt offers owners of their NFTs a chance to engage in a series on eleven quests. Their decisions along the way shaping and altering the NFT. In this way, every NFT is unique and directly connected to their owner.

If someone sells a Betwixt NFT, the game resets, but the previous owner’s progress and artwork is saved and stored in the NFT’s history! This is definitely an interesting and unusual NFT collection. One in which the founders hope that owners will find some self discovery.

Minting for Betwixt NFTs begins on July 11th for those whitelisted for the presale. Public sale starts on July 12th.

What is Gala Games?

Gala Games is a creator and producer of blockchain games. With an ever-growing stable of projects including Town StarMirandus, Spider Tanks, Echoes of Empire, and more. Built on the Ethereum network, Gala is in the process of creating and moving to their own chain. Those interested in supporting the ecosystem with a significant investment can purchase a Gala node, allowing them to help process transactions in return for rewards and special NFT airdrops.

Gala Games recently expanded their horizons beyond gaming with Gala Music and Gala Films. Keep an eye on their Twitter for the most recent announcements about their games and projects.

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