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Own an Island with the Chainmonsters Land Sale

Chain Monsters land sale banner

Not too long from now, Chainmonsters will hold a sale for a very limited number of land plots. With each one representing an entire island, owning a Land NFT in Chainmonsters will surely be a mark of status among the playerbase!

Apologies for the late notice on this sale! In less than 13 hours from now, on March 15th, 6pm CET, Chainmonsters will sell the first land plot NFTs for their creature catching and taming game. With their own island to work with, land plot owners will have many more options for housing construction than the standard players. And on top of that, they can also invite friends over to admire their construction and decorative skills!

Each Land NFT in Chainmonsters represents an island in-game. And though all players will have access to their own housing, only 3,000 islands will exist. Players will be able to customize their islands with furniture and other decorations, which other players can visit and admire.

Islands may also come with special artifact treasures or blessing effects that provide a bonus in the housing system. The housing system will include an ever growing selection of items and progression, fed by resources gathered in the game through playing and farming.

sample land plots
sample land plots

Land Sale Info

This land sale includes two types of boxes available for purchase. There is the Land Box, guaranteed to contain a Land NFT as well as two random, additional game NFTs. For those who like to roll the dice, there will also be a Mystery Box available. Each Mystery Box holds five random game NFTs, and also has 2.5% chance of holding a Land NFT. Land Boxes cost 0.12 ETH ($200 USD), while Mystery Boxes are priced at 0.03 ETH ($50 USD) each. Between both box types, 550 Land NFTs will be available.

This sale is run through IMX, so participants will need to have their funds on their IMX account. Visit to connect your wallet and prepare for the sale.

What is Chainmonsters?

Chainmonsters is a blockchain-based MMORPG game developed by B-Side Games. Chainmonsters has a Pokemon-style gameplay to it. Players catch, battle, and train creatures known as Chainmons.

The game includes a number of different NFTs that players can buy, sell or trade on the Chainmonsters’ marketplace. There is currently no cryptocurrency or in-game currency token in Chainmonsters. Instead, the game relies totally on NFTs for its economy. The game’s market allows you to buy clothes, power-ups, restorative items, and food.

The world of Chainmonsters features a large world full of beautiful areas, unique Chainmons, and hidden secrets. Players can use fast travel to jump from one place to another quickly. There are 135 different Chainmons in the game, all of which have unique traits and mutations. The game story takes place in the fictional world of Ancora, which is divided into eight areas.

The game is live now and open to everyone. Players can download and install Chainmonsters through the Epic launcher.

To learn more about Chainmonsters, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord server.

a tropical island paradise
a tropical island paradise
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