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Hexarchia Looking for New Developers

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Hexarchia, a turn-based strategy game that once had some buzz around it a while back, came out of hibernation to announce a major shakeup to their founding team. As a result, the remaining founder is trying to reboot the game, and is looking for new developers to join the team!

At one point in 2022, it seemed like Hexarchia was poised to take their place as one of the only web3 strategy games. They had NFT sales, and ran regular alpha tests up through the summer of 2022. During their alphas, Hexarchia held several competitions, with NFT rewards for the top players, including even legendary and epic level rewards!

Then, suddenly, they seemingly dropped off the face of the earth. There were no new updates, posts, or announcements for many months.But today, the founder of the project, Carlito, sent out notices over email and on social media, updating their communities about the status of the game.

Hexarchia Reboot

For reasons unknown, it seems that over the last few months, the other three of the four founders have left the project completely. So now the project is without enough staff to develop, and without funds to pay for full-time workers. And so, Hexarchia is now asking for help from anyone with the needed skills who can devote some unpaid time to try and bring Hexarchia back from the dead.

Carlito is looking for people interested in joining the project, though he warns that any positions will be unpaid until funding can be secured. Luckily, he isn’t asking for full-time workers. Instead he expects each person to contribute 5-20 hours as a side, passion project.

The following positions are available:

  • Experienced Game Programmer (Unreal)
  • Full-Stack Developer (Back-End, Front-End and Blockchain)
  • 3D Artist (Video Game Avatars)
  • Head of Community

Carlito says that there are several positives about the project, including a new website, partnership, and beta ready to be launched. If interested, send your CV and brief intro letter to [email protected]

Hexarchia is certainly not the first blockchain game to hit a major block. Nor are they the first to try and attempt a comeback. I certainly hope that they can succeed. With both Hexarchia and The Seventh Seal losing momentum, the strategy gaming market in the blockchain space has been pretty barren. But now more games are moving into alphas, betas, and even releases, so Hexarchia will certainly have some competition ahead of them! Will Hexarchia be able to recover their momentum?

What is Hexarchia

Hexarchia is a turn-based, strategy game with NFTs. In Hexarchia, players battle for supremacy in 1v1, team matches, and a 6 player free-for-all. This hex-based game features players fielding a team consisting of a Warlord plus a selection of troops. Each team enters the battlefield and attempts to destroy the opposing player’s Warlord.

Warlords are the key piece to Hexarchia. You can’t play-to-earn without one, even though there will be a free-to-play version. Nonetheless, Warlords are important for the play-to-earn gameplay mechanics of Hexarchia. Much like a king in chess, if your Warlord falls during a gameplay battle in Hexarchia, the game is over. However, unlike chess kings, Warlord wield considerable power.

Warlords are tradeable NFTs minted on Polygon. There are six different Warlords, each with their own properties and traits. Traits come in a variety of levels, allowing Warlords to differentiate based on their specific traits. There are six traits in total, Civilization, Intellect, Physical, Positive Aptitude, Negative Aptitude, and Skill. Traits provide bonuses and may also spawn mini-quests, allowing Warlords to earn more experience during a match.

That’s right, Warlords level up. There is no hard cap to levels, but the system is designed in such a way that training higher than level 100 will be extremely difficult. As they level up, Warlords acquire titles at level 50 (Blessed) and 100 (Demigod).

To learn more about Hexarchia, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord.

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