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Skyweaver Introducing Skypass

Skyweaver Skypass

Skyweaver, one of the many groundbreaking NFT and P2E games launched in the last few years, has announced Skypass, a new feature. Skyweaver has recorded steady growth in the P2E market thanks to its generous features, as it is F2P.

It is based on Polygon and has reached an unprecedented number of followers despite facing massive competition from other companies. The game has a concept of earning, gaining and trading cards. The company announced on January 6, 2022, that the new feature, Skypass, will be rolled out soon. Each Skypass lasts for one season (28 days). Players can also choose the premium version that costs 14.95 USD, increasing the chances of better rewards.


What is the Skypass feature about, and how can Skyweavers get the most out of it? This article explains everything about this feature and the benefits of participation.

What is Skypass?

Skypass is a new battle pass type feature set to be released in the Skyweavers game. It enables players to earn by reaching milestones. In addition, it is a new feature for the Skyweaver progression system, which means players get to earn reward packs as they progress.

According to information from Skyweaver, Skypass will offer many types of rewards. Possible rewards include Hexbound invasion cards and many other packs. In addition, players will earn rewards whenever they level up in the season.

Skypass Hexbound Invasion

How Do You Get Skypass Rewards?

Access to Skypass is made super easy by Skyweaver. To view your progress tab and rewards, click on the Skypass icon on the top right of the menu. Then, users only need to click on “claim rewards” to get the cards if any rewards are unlocked.

An advantage of Skypass is that users can earn rewards at the start of every season without progressing in the levels. There is also an option for the premium pass, enabling players to unlock rewards faster and more efficiently.

The Skypass ‘event’ lasts for a season, and users can purchase the premium pass anytime during the 28 days duration. As for users that do not collect their rewards as they accumulate, all Skypass rewards will be automatically claimed at the end of the season.

Skypass Rewards Collection

How to Maximize Skypass Benefits

Skypass in the Skyweaver is a system that rewards players based on their daily play rate. The amount of time played in the game translates to progress tabs which unlock rewards stage by stage. Therefore, the only way to gain more rewards and make it to level fifty fast is to put a lot of time into the game.

According to Skyweaver, thirty minutes per day is enough to ensure the completion of all stages, maximizing rewards. In addition, the premium pass ensures that the rewards are tradeable and players can earn extra cards.

As the event is still in the introductory stages, some other features still need to be added. This includes an increased variety of rewards from the premium pass and a host of other interesting features.

Colossoid Card

About Skyweaver

Skyweaver is a blockchain trading card game developed by Horizon that allows players to collect, trade, and sell NFT cards. The game runs on the Layer 2 Ethereum Polygon network. Players can strategize and build decks of NFT cards in the game and become legendary Skyweaver. 

The game’s private beta was released in 2021, and at the start of 2022, the open beta version was released for everyone. The game received immense popularity and started hosting weekly tournaments. Players can participate in the game for free and earn rewards based on their ranking on the leaderboard.

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