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Skyweaver Clash of Inventors Expansion

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Skyweaver launches their first major card expansion, titled Clash of Inventors. Featuring 50 new cards, Clash of Inventors is sure to shake up the game meta. Each Prism gains 10 cards total — four spells and six creatures. Additionally there are three new token units that are only brought into play by other units or spells.

Though Skyweaver fits in the play to earn genre, that’s not really it’s focus. That’s more of a side gig. Skyweaver is first and foremost a game. One that utilizes some blockchain technology, but is still very much game focused on gameplay. Balance patches are a regular thing. As are card updates and mini-expansions. But now Skyweaver brings us a larger expansion with 50 new cards in total, called Clash of Inventors.

Clash of Inventors

And as you might guess from the expansion’s name, this set includes lots of gadgets, gizmos, and mechanical monstrosities! With a balanced selection of cards for each Prism, everyone should find something in this new set that interests them.

Along with the fifty new cards, Clash of Inventors also introduces a new unit Trait, Dash. Dash allows units to attack other units on the turn they are summoned. This is a standard unit ability for these sorts of card games, and works just like Blitz in Gods Unchained.

Skyweaver Chromeosaur

The Clash of Inventors expansion also builds on themes within each Prism. For example, Strength is about summoning big creatures and stomping your opponent into the ground. One perfect example of this theme is the new Chromeosaur that has decent stats, sports the Dash trait, lowers the cost of other big units in your hand, and has the Chomp spell attached to it!

Other Prism specific strategies receive extra support with this expansion. Playstyles such as Agility receiving bonuses from losing Health, Wisdom finding synergy with cards that reward them for holding a full hand, and Heart playing with the Graveyard to its advantage.

And how much do packs for this new expansion cost? Nothing. In fact, they’re not even for sale! Players earn cards by playing the game. And now, some of those cards will be from the Clash of Inventors expansion. But Clash of Inventors doesn’t end here. It will have its own mini-supplement of 20 cards. This minor expansion should arrive later this summer.

Skyweaver Card Economy

Skyweaver is completely free to play. And with over 500 cards, it offers many options for playstyles. Players earn Base cards by playing the game as they level up. These cards are account bound and cannot be moved or traded. Only Silver and Gold foil cards can be traded — and those are acquired by playing in Conquest mode or by being on top of the leaderboards. Leaderboards hand out rewards weekly, while Conquest mode is available whenever you are ready for the challenge.

a few Gold cards for sale

Conquest mode is kind of like a single elimination mini-tournament. You play matches using a games until you either lose or win three in a row. Winning one match rewards a silver card, two matches rewards two silver cards, and if you manage to win three in a row, you receive one Gold card and One Silver card,

Tickets for Conquest mode cost $1.50 USDC. Silver cards currently sell for $1 and up, while Gold cards go for $3 all the way up to $16 for the more popular ones. So, if you can win three matches in a row, you might actually make a little money playing Skyweaver. Conquest mode supports both Constructed (build your own deck), and Discovery (pick a hero and receive a pseudo random deck in that hero’s Prisms). Though you can’t switch between them once you’ve kicked off a Conquest run.

Silver and Gold cards are visual only. They provide no added bonuses. Though, if there is a card you want to include in your deck but that you haven’t found yet, then may consider purchasing a Gold or Silver version. So there is a small but steady demand for these cards.

Skyweaver uses an interesting market technique where it functions as the middleman for all transactions, holding each card in a liquidity pool along with USDC tokens. As more players sell their cards, the USDC in the pool shrinks resulting in cheaper cards and vice-versa. Each card has its own pool, allowing players to set the market value.

How to get Started in Skyweaver?

The on-boarding process is very smooth and the tutorials available make the game easy to approach even if you are unfamiliar with the trading card game genre. Before entering PvP arenas you will need to gain experience by battling against bots. You will earn basic cards and heroes along the way to help build your first decks.

Buy and sell cards in the marketplace

The game is played in your web browser or with the native apps available for PC, Mac, iOS and Android. All the information to get started can be found on

Although Skyweaver doesn’t bring anything revolutionary in the trading card game field, we love the atmosphere of the game. The graphics, visual effects, sounds and overall user experience are very high quality. We also love the fact that the game can be played on any device and is totally free to play, giving any player chances to compete and win. With this open beta, Skyweaver positions itself as a real alternative to Gods Unchained or Splinterlands, the two leaders in the blockchain trading card games genre.

More information about the game economy and the team’s vision can be found on this article.

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