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Skyweaver is a web3-enabled, fantasy, browser-based, collectible card game where you can own, trade, and gift some of the cards you own. Deeply strategic gameplay combined with a player-owned marketplace lets you win tradable NFT cards on your journey to defeating your opponents in the arena and becoming a legendary Skyweaver!

In this Skyweaver Game Guide, you will learn everything you need to know to start playing!

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Skyweaver Overview

Skyweaver is a polished, win-to-earn TCG game on the Polygon network, a popular layer 2 for Ethereum. Although the gameplay will feel familiar to TCG veterans, Skyweaver also brings innovative mechanics, abilities for heroes and cards, and a strong, internal, card economy.

The most important items in Skyweaver are the cards. Each card can be one of three styles:

UnitCard Skyweaver

  • Base: these cards cannot be exchanged, traded or sold but can be played in all game modes;
  • Silver: these cards can be traded, sold or gifted to friends. They’re slightly more valuable than Base cards, and can be used to enter special combat modes in the game instead of paying the entrance fee;
  • Gold: the “trophy” cards of the game. Gold cards are shiny and very apparent when used on the battlefield. These can only be won through combat in “Conquest mode”, and are always limited edition.

There are two basic card types — units and spells. Units can have spells of their own, traits such as guard and armor, and trigger effects. Almost every card has at least one of these abilities, if not more, making the card interactions very complex at times! Luckily Skyweaver features a history of cards and effects played, and has ample mouseovers to explain everything.

Each deck will be associated with a Hero and at least one Prism. There are 5 Prisms in the game: Strength, Agility, Wisdom, Heart, Intellect. Some Heroes can combine two prisms to create interesting decks and synergies.

Skyweaver is free to play and features two game modes —  Discovery and Constructed. Both modes offer separate leaderboards for players. In Constructed, each player builds and brings a deck of 30 cards to the match. In Discovery, both players pick a Hero, and then the game assigns them a semi-random deck of cards for that Hero. Entering Conquest mode requires a ticket, which must be won or purchased. In Conquest mode, players can earn Silver and Gold cards by winning multiple matches in a row. It is a single loss format, though. Lose one match and you need another ticket to play Conquest mode again.

Skyweaver also includes quests and a seasonal battlepass.


About Skyweaver

The developer behind Skyweaver is Horizon Blockchain Games, which initially raised over $3.75 million in funding, led by Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian. Skyweaver released a private beta in 2021. By the the end of 2021, Skyweaver had released their Open Beta, allowing everyone the chance to play the game by connecting through a Sequence or MetaMask wallet.

Since then, the game has exploded in popularity, and attracted players and guilds worldwide. Many tournaments are hosted weekly on Skyweaver is still growing, but their outstanding community and large following on social media predicts a great future for the title!

In May 2022, the developers released “Starter Decks” to help new players get onboarded and play in Constructed before they own any cards of their own. Skyweaver continues to release regular balance updates and new card sets.

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Skyweaver Play-to-Earn Mechanics

Skyweaver likes to define itself as a “Win to Earn” game, where a player has to win to earn rewards, not just merely play. They only way to earn from Skyweaver is by selling Silver and Gold cards. These cards are acquired either by placing in the top positions on the weekly leaderboards, or by winning Conquest matches. Both opportunities provide Gold and Silver cards as rewards.

Initial Investment

Skyweaver is completely free to play. Players can acquire additional cards by playing the game. In fact, Skyweaver doesn’t even sell cards directly! The only way to get game cards is by earning them on your own or purchasing gold and silver cards from other players! Silver and Gold cards do not have any affect on the gameplay. The color variation is cosmetic only.

New players can start with Discovery mode, which provides them with a randomized deck to use for the match, or use a pre-built starter deck. Once you collect enough cards, you can build decks of your own design.

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Skyweaver Rewards System

Skyweaver features a battle pass system called Skypass. Players earn cards and other prizes as they increase the level of their Skypass. Players also have the option of paying for a Premium Pass, which offers additional rewards. Skypass works on a seasonal basis, where every players’ progress is reset at the start of each season. Players can earn points towards their Battle Pass by playing matches and completing, daily, weekly, and seasonal quests.

Players can earn base cards and cards from the most recent expansion from the Skypass. They can also receive Conquest tickets, allowing them a chance to compete in Conquest mode for a chance to win Silver and Gold cards! Conquest mode is a single-elimination PVP game mode. Each ticket provides a chance to play three matches, as long as the player wins. As soon as the player loses a match, that round on Conquest is over for them. Winning zero matches results in zero prizes. Winning one match earns a Silver card, two matches nets two Silver cards, while winning three in a row earns two Silver and one Gold!

Players can also earn cards by reaching a high ranking on the leaderboard. Card payouts begin once you reach 90th spot or so in Expert rank.

Skyweaver has a an interesting dynamic marketplace. Instead of allowing individual sales and offers, players buy and sell all of their cards from a shared pool. The Skyweaver team sets the initial pool contents (number of cards and price per card), which then dynamically adjusts as players buy and sell cards.

Skyweaver and its community host several tournaments on, with prizes topping thousands of dollars per week.

Skyweaver Video Review

Skyweaver Tokenomics

Unlike most web3 games, Skyweaver doesn’t have any tokens! The company opted to host their marketplace on Polygon, a Layer 2 of Ethereum, but kept all transactions in $USDC. With the lack of tokens, and the liquidity pool system for their NFTs, Skyweaver has a very stable game economy.

Cards can be bought in the Skyweaver marketplace with $USDC and no additional gas fees. The in-game transactions take place on a Sequence wallet. You can also choose to connect your MetaMask wallet if you prefer.

How to get started in Skyweaver

How to Get Started with Skyweaver

Skyweaver makes it incredibly easy to start playing. All you need to do is to click the “Play Now” button on their homepage.

The game will help you set up your Sequence wallet, or to link up your MetaMask wallet. Sequence is easier for new players as it’s automatically connected to Skyweaver. You can download the game client on any device, or just play through your browser.

Once inside the game, a series of tutorials help introduce new players to the basics of the game. If you ever get lost, there’s an online version featuring all main elements here. Each tutorial will provide you with some experience points and initial cards to build decks with.

Skyweaver gameplay follows the standard, mana-based, TCG formula. Players gain one max mana every turn, and use their mana to summon units and cast spells, with the goal of bringing their opponent to zero health. Since there are so many different card interactions it can be overwhelming at first. Thankfully, Skyweaver features a robust gameplay history feed on the side, and provides mouseovers for pretty much everything. The game also includes ready to play starter decks for each Prism to help you get started.

And if you ever get stuck, their Discord is very active and only a click away. You will find moderators, community members, and coaches ready to help you make the best out of Skyweaver. You might also find some guilds and communities gearing up to compete in tournaments, and joining could help you become a better player in the long run!


Tips for playing Skyweaver

The tutorials and starter guides developed by the team are phenomenal. Read them!

At first, we suggest you focus on Discovery mode and/or Constructed mode with one of the starter decks. Do not adventure in Conquest until you know what you’re doing, and can maintain a win rate above 50%.

The learning curve for Skyweaver is steep with a long tail. Don’t be discouraged if it takes you some time to get used to the card interactions.

Once you get your win rate above 50% and feel confident about your skills, focus on increasing your mastery and rank higher up on the leaderboard.

When you feel ready, you can burn one Silver card (if you earned one through the leaderboard) or spend $1.50 USDC to try out your first Conquest mode – it depends on your risk tolerance and how much you want to invest in the game. You only need to win your first match in Conquest to make it pay for itself.

When playing in Ranked mode, start from Discovery and use an easy hero, for example, “Ada”. Ada focuses on strength, and your main objective will be to summon bigger heroes each turn and buff them with powerful enhancements.

The strength prism is the easiest to start with, but wisdom can be very interesting later on if you like a more control style of gameplay. Try out different heroes to learn about their abilities and the type of units and spells they can use.

Once you become more proficient, Skyweaverleagues offers additional information on the current meta, with in-depth reviews and articles.


Skyweaver Closing Thoughts

Skyweaver is one of the best web3 TCG style games available to play right now. It’s free to play, easy to setup, playable from a browser, and offers a lot of complexity for deck building. They continue to grow their ecosystem with the addition of quests, new cards, and hero abilities.

This game has deep mechanics and an extensive collection of balanced cards. The team also releases balance patches every two weeks, making sure that balance issues don’t stagnate for long periods of time, which is great to see from a TCG!

We suggest Skyweaver for anyone who likes free to play and to the fans of trading card games like Gods Unchained, Magic: The Gathering, and Hearthstone.

Have fun!

Skyweaver Key Info

  • Genre: Trading Card Game
  • Free to Play: Yes
  • Platform(s): PC / Mac / Mobile
  • Blockchain(s): Ethereum / Polygon
  • Token(s): USDC
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