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SkyWeaver Moving Over to Matic Network

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Similar to many other gaming projects, the trading card game SkyWeaver is moving from the Ethereum blockchain to the layer-2 solution Matic. This way they circumvent the problems from high gas costs alongside faster and much cheaper transactions. Director of Research Philippe Castonguay from Horizon Games announced the studio’s decision on Twitter.

“After a good amount of research, we decided to launch SkyWeaver on Matic Network, at least until a better option comes along”, he wrote. He mainly praises the compatibility of Matic with the Ethereum ecosystem. For whatever reason, SkyWeaver can always switch again to for example xDAI, which is ‘one of the great benefits of EVM interoperability’.

Even though Castonguay announced the move to Matic, the official Twitter accounts of SkyWeaver and Horizon Games remain quiet. Maybe their announcement will follow in the coming days.

Matic getting busy

SkyWeaver isn’t the first game that picks the Matic Network as a solution to the high gas fees for Ethereum. In December the city-building game MegaCryptoPolis launched their integration with Matic, finally making it affordable again to run small businesses inside their game world. The cyberpunk role playing game Neon District is also among those who switched, while Decentraland was among the first to allow Matic in their virtual world.

Despite the success of Matic, they are not alone. Several game developers are creating their own solutions. Axie Infinity is currently testing their Ronin sidechain, while Gods Unchained will soon launch Immutable X. In addition Enjin is working on Efinity, even though nobody knows when that will hit the market.

What is SkyWeaver?

SkyWeaver is a blockchain-powered free-to-play trading card game with play-to-earn mechanics. Last year Horizon Games launched the private beta for their trading card game. SkyWeaver is still in closed beta.

Similar to many other trading card games, players summon creatures, cast spells and battle other players in online battle arenas. The concept is easy to understand, but players can combine cards, which creates deep game mechanics. SkyWeaver offers different playing styles, while cards feature attributes like strength, agility, intellect, heart and wisdom.

Players earn new cards based on their performance in the online leaderboards. One of the most wanted items in SkyWeaver are the so-called gold cards. Player-owned cards are stored in their cryptocurrency wallet, and as a result these cards can be traded on public marketplaces. 

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