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Skyweaver Announces Soft Launch and Final Stat Reset

skyweaver trading card game battle screenshot

Skyweaver will begin its soft launch on November 25th to prepare for open beta. The soft launch will move Skyweaver out of a testing environment and players will now be able to earn and trade NFTs, finally unlocking the play-to-earn elements of the game. All stats from private beta will be reset for the soft launch, but that will be the last reset.

Skyweaver is an NFT-focused browser-based trading card game. On the surface, it may look like other similar games in the play-to-earn space, but the developers have made sure the game stands out with top-quality UI, in-depth game mechanics, and satisfying game modes.

The primary purpose of the soft launch is to migrate the game over to the Polygon mainnet and fully ignite the play-to-earn aspects of the game. Players will be able to send NFTs openly, creating a firm incentive to keep playing.

It’s worth noting that a beta access code will still be required to access the soft launch. You can still sign up on the Skyweaver website, and the dev’s announcement indicates that they’ll be moving through the waitlist much faster to scale up the player base.

Why not just head to open beta? The devs want to further test the backend infrastructure and overall security in a limited, yet live on mainnet, environment before opening the flood gates. Once the game reaches open beta, there will be no beta access code requirement. The dev team will also be covering all gas fees during the soft launch.

There is no time limit for the soft launch. The official answer is that the soft launch will last “as long as it takes to confirm the game and economy work as intended.” 

A Complete Stat Reset, One Final Time

The Skyweaver web app has a bright yellow banner right now declaring that everything you’re doing is in a test environment and will be reset. That banner will be going permanently going away on November 25th after the final stat reset.

Both the card economy and player progression will be completely reset during the soft launch. Everyone will be starting at the same time, no exceptions. 

Fortunately, the team has made it clear that there will not be any more resets. Players will now be able to build reputations and card collections that will last forever.

Switching Over to USDC from DAI

The platform used DAI as a test currency during private beta, but the coin will be retired in favor of USDC after the soft launch. Players will be able to buy USDC within the game with a credit/debit card (or deposit it) in order to buy cards from the marketplace. Any cards sold in the marketplace will be sold in USDC.

The soft launch will kick off on November 25th and you better believe I’ll be playing. This innovated trading card game already has my interest, but with play-to-earn mechanics live, I will be fully addicted.

What is Skyweaver?

Skyweaver is a blockchain-powered free-to-play trading card game with play-to-earn mechanics. Similar to many other trading card games, players summon creatures, cast spells and battle other players in online battle arenas. The concept is easy to understand, but players can combine cards, which creates deep game mechanics. Skyweaver offers different playing styles, while cards feature attributes like strength, agility, intellect, heart and wisdom.

Players earn new cards based on their performance in the online leaderboards. One of the most wanted items in Skyweaver is the so-called gold cards. Player-owned cards are stored in their cryptocurrency wallet, and as a result, these cards can be traded on public marketplaces. Skyweaver currently has 500 cards, and new cards are constantly being added. Players can create up to 50 decks.

Core the player tactics are the prisms. These are a bit like player classes, and these determine how you build your deck. For example, there’s agility, heart, strength, intellect and wisdom. A deck with one prism card has 20 cards. A dual-prism deck has 30 cards. Based on your prisms, you will play aggressive, defense, use lots of combos, raise cards for the afterlife, use lots of magic etc.

In Skyweaver, you control a Hero, and must do battle with an enemy (human or AI). You both fight using cards that can be summoned to the playing field. When you deplete the enemy Hero’s Life, you win a match. If you lose all yours, you are defeated. Your ultimate goal is to compete and win against other Skyweavers.

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