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Farming Tales Adds Task System

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Farming Tales continues to slowly build their game economy with the recent introduction of a Task system. This system lets players visit a Trader building in town and exchange farm products for specific goods that can’t otherwise be acquired in-game! This is another step towards creating an economic loops for the game.

Tasks are basically a quest system for Farming Tales. Deliver the required amount of products to the Trader, and the Trader gives you a special item in return.

Currently, the trader offers only a couple of items, but this will expand in the future. The current top-tier items offered are Peach Trees. Only 100 Peach Tree NFTs total are available, with 22 of them already crafted. These are legendary rarity NFTs and only one tree can be staked per farm. These are game NFTs only (i.e., they don’t have real world equivalents like some of the other plants).

More Quests ahead!

The team also revealed plans for their next two major quests, both of which do involve real life items! The first is for Olive Trees. Like the Peach Tree, players craft these by exchanging goods at the Trader. However, the goods needed for an Olive Tree make quite an extensive list! The quantities are not yet revealed, but the items needed include Vegetable Nut, Bread, Beer, Nail, Brown Sugar, White Sugar, Fish Fillet, Corn Flakes, Shirt, Grappa, Royal Jelly, and Butter!

Olive Trees will be stakable and in the future, linked to production of real-life olive oil.

The second upcoming quest involves shoes. For an even longer list of items, the Trader will provide players with a shoe NFT. Owners of this NFT can redeem it in exchange for a real-life pair of Farming Tales branded sneakers! Crafted by an Italian artisan, apparently!

Farming Tales shoes
Farming Tales shoes

These quests are an important step towards bringing the actual game economy online. I just hope in the future they make some logical sense rather than just trying to provide a use-case for every single item in the game. But Farming Tales definitely deserves a shout-out for continuing their line of NFTs that equate to real world items!

What Else for Farming Tales?

Also coming to Farming Tools soon is a new crafting system for farm items such as animals and buildings. Currently, these items can be purchased directly in-game for SEST tokens. However, this functionality will instead move over to the Task / Quest system.

In a further boost to the player economy, Farming Tales has also introduced a new ‘Crating’ feature. Crating lets players can box up their goods for sale and mint them as NFTs. Players can purchase these crates and then burn the NFT to receive the goods inside in their Barn (make sure you have enough room beforehand!).

Before this new Crate system, Seeds were the only in-game good that also existed as an NFT. This is an important prelude to another major, upcoming change.

In another upcoming move to bring the game economy online, players will soon no longer be able to simply sell their products directly from their Barn for SEST tokens. In the near future, players will either need to Crate and sell their farm produced items as NFTs, or take them into town and refine them into other products. This will greatly decrease the amount of new SEST tokens coming into the system. It should also spark some additional NFT trading volume on external markets.

map of New Waxchester in Farming Tales
map of New Waxchester in Farming Tales

To learn more about Farming Tales, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord server.

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