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Undead Blocks Launches Multiplayer

Undead Blocks adds Multiplayer

Undead Blocks does not stop and launches Multiplayer for everyone. Now players can kill zombies with their best friend in a co-op mode! This was one of the most awaited moments by the community and will improve the gameplay experience to a great extent.

Just a few weeks ago Undead Blocks introduced new features in a massive update that completely changed its replayability and now, multiplayer! The team does not stop improving the game and making it a better experience for all their community members.

Right now players can join another survivor in a duo, co-op game mode. One player will play Eva and the other as Lucas. In the future, co-op will be improved even further and there will be matches with up to four different players. For this to happen, the team will add more survivors to the game. This update is a significant step for this Zombie Survival Shooter and a complete game-changer.

Undead Blocks multiplayer promo shot
Undead Blocks multiplayer promo shot

What about the full game release?

The full game release will come out on late January 2023. Team members already leaked that in the future there will be a mall map, more weapons like the wave gun, more enemies, and a battle pass system. Whether all these features are going to be available or not from the first day is still not known. Recently, Grant Haseley, the executive director of the game left a leak regarding the VIP game mode for NFT Holders where players will “kill2earn”.

I believe this is part of a bigger article that will come out to inform the community of everything that is going to be available on the full game. “Many crypto and Web3 games have completely abandoned daily earnings due to sustainability concerns and rewards abuse. Undead Blocks is COMMITTED to allowing players to grind to earn and compete to win big as we launch our full game experience. It is the very ethos of what we believe in and how we see the future of gaming. We are uniquely positioned as an industry leader to show the Web3 gaming world that play to earn is NOT dead.”

How to play Undead Blocks?

  1. Head to Wagyu’s official website
  2. Create an account
  3. Login
  4. Download the launcher
  5. Click “play” and enjoy killing zombies either solo or with a friend

Last Thoughts

Undead Blocks is a zombie FPS on the Immutable X ecosystem. The project has been making considerable progress in the past two months, and its gameplay has completely changed. It is a free-to-play game with NFTs and a token, $UNDEAD which soon will turn into an ecosystem token, $WAGYU.

The NFTs give their holders the possibility to earn daily in game, and they have a total cap of 6,500. So there is no NFT inflation, like in Axie Infinity for example, where players mint NFTs. If you want to know more about its economy I recommend you watch this video.

Personally, I think Undead Blocks will thrive in 2023. Its gameplay is engaging, especially now with multiplayer, more content is coming, and daily earnings will also attract a lot of players. As a zombie survival game, it is unmatched and there is no competition in web3. As a shooter, it is also one of the best that are out now.

The project is positioning itself to attract a vast player base. At some point, it will come out on mobile and browser and the team occasionally organizes free tournaments with prize pools of 15,000 USD for participants!

I will leave you with our project review in case you want to know more about it.

Undead Blocks Review