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Sing or Play Music to Earn in Farming Tales

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Aspiring minstrels and musicians take heed! Farming Tales announces a new contest to create music for their farming game! The music NFT scene seems to be exploding lately with Snoop Dogg crossovers and the introduction of Gala Music, but it’s interesting to see a crowd-sourced music project! And one that includes a profit sharing program with the musicians!

Farming Tales, a farming simulation game that also includes NFTs that guarantee the holders a certain portion of real-life crops, continues to steadily build out their virtual world. Piece by piece they add new sections to the game in preparation for the launch of major features that will kick off the true game economy.

Earn with Music as NFTs

But today, we have something a little different. Utilizing player creativity to help build and shape a game is nothing new, but it’s not often that music is involved. In this case, anyone with an idea and the ability to lay down a music track can submit their creation for a chance to be included as part of the official soundtrack for Farming Tales!

Farming Tales gramophone
play that funky music

The works must be original and will have to go through an evaluation process by the team. Songs that are selected for inclusion in Farming Tales will be minted and sold as NFTs. Musicians receive 70% of the proceeds from the sale and 20% of the ongoing market fees from secondary sales. That’s not a bad deal!

In game, players will have a gramophone in their house, allowing them to select different tracks to listen to while they work their farms. Presumably they will need to stock it with music NFTs, creating a basic market for these musical works.

Keep an eye on the Farming Tales Discord and Twitter for the official music submission form. (I’ll also update this post when we have the link).

Greenhouse Sale

Farming Tales greenhouse
grow seeds, grow!

Farming Tales is also getting ready to have their Greenhouse sale. Purchased with SEST (the primary Farming Tales currency) only, Greenhouses are an excellent acquisition for any gardener. Greenhouses produce Seeds every 24 hours in the form of a Seed Box. Seed boxes contain a random assortment of Seeds. Both Seeds and Seed Boxes can be traded on the secondary markets.

This sale starts on February 27th, at 20:00 UTC and runs in two phases. The first phase is only open to those who hold an Early Adopter Diorama NFT and a Vegetable Garden. The second phase is open to all. Each sale has 500 Greenhouses. You can preview the drop on Nefty Blocks. With a steady creation of NFTs, I imagine these Greenhouses will be highly coveted!

What is Farming Tales?

Farming Tales is a 3D farming game built on the WAX blockchain. Players own stables, gardens, coops, docks, and more. From these they harvest resources for sell and trade in the town of New Waxchester.

grow crops in your own garden

The game is not free to play. You need to own game NFTs before you can start harvesting. All animals require stabling in an appropriate building and growing plants requires a garden. Players must harvest regularly to make the most of their game items. Some items allow harvesting as often as once per hour, while others take many hours to replenish. Finding a good balance for your playstyle and time is important.

However, harvesting comes with a price as well. Each harvest takes food and/or water, which is replenished with CBITs. CBITS can be purchased on external exchanges or earned in-game by staking SEST tokens. Players have multiple avenues for earning which will increase once additional layers and complexity come to the Farming Tales economic system. Coming soon are boosters, acquired via special cross-collaboration promotions with other projects. Players place Boosters into their building to speed up or increase production. Currently the game runs in a simulated economic model, but when the fully economy releases, each type of harvest will produce its own resources, stimulating an in-game market and trading ecosystem.

The Real Farm

On top of the Farming Tales game, there is Farming Tales, the real-life farm. Anyone can claim a portion of certain harvests from the farm by owning special NFTs! This includes honey from hives, saffron from land plots, and future plans for hemp as well! Once the farm harvest is completed, NFT owners have two options. They can either request the goods be sent to them, or they can delegate it for sale and receive a portion of the proceeds!

Even if you don’t own a production source, it’s still possible to acquire special NFTs such as Forager Bees, ‘burn’ them in someone’s hive and receive honey in return!

This is a very cool idea that showcases the power of NFTs, blockchain, and the potential for distributed/crowdfunded projects to thrive without loans and the traditional banking system!

Phil Hall has been a gaming enthusiast since birth and a crypto enthusiast since 2017. He enjoys new discoveries and sharing those with others via blogging and photography. You can follow him on Twitter or read his other articles on Medium.