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Real Rewards Through Play-to-Earn in Farming Tales

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Farming Tales is an upcoming farming game on the Wax blockchain that allow players to earn tokens and redeem those for actual, physical rewards. This farming game uses all kinds of NFTs, from farmers to plots and their crops. Let’s take a look at the elements that set this game apart from the competition.

I’m sure most of you have noticed the surge in popularity of farming games: Town Star, Farmer’s World, DeFi Land and the list goes on. Personally I have never seen the appeal, until I discovered Farming Tales. The unique real-life aspects of this play to earn game truly separates it from the rest.

Farming Tales is similar to Farmville, but the key difference are the NFTs and play-to-earn mechanics. Players need NFTs like farmers, plots, and crops, each with different levels of rarity, and harvesting bonuses. The game world allots each user with their own farm to grow, and expand as they please. A chicken perhaps? A vegetable garden? Your choice. There is also the option for custom farmers. Currently, Starter packs are available for purchase on Atomic Hub, with more assets soon to be released. Farming Tales will launch soon on Oct 15th 2021 on the Wax blockchain.

Honey—WHAT? Earn tangible products!

The real world aspects of this project are what stands out. By building NFTs in the game players become owners of or investors in actual, real-world farms. These real farms are currently producing their own honey, saffron, fruit, vegetables, etc. Offering it for sale and earned through a video game. The idea behind this project is unique and original. The game adds another aspect to play-to-earn, and another example of the gamification of our reality.

Get in on the early rewards via Discord

Prior to game launch, players will be able to earn the native coin Sestertii on the Discord app. The amount earned is based on the assets in your linked Wax wallet. To do this, go to their Discord, and follow the necessary steps to interact with “Harvey the farming bot”. These rewards will help you start the game with some SEST to spend.

Buy and sell in New Waxchester

While players are working on their farms, they will also be able to sell their harvest in-game. The game uses a special village marketplace. At this marketplace everybody uses Sestertii, or SEST tokens. After a sale you can either use the SEST to buy new NFT’s, or to you can sell it on Alcor Exchange.

In addition, players can choose to improve their harvested goods at the various shops in New Waxchester. For example, fruit juice pressed from peaches, cereal from oats, and other products. Each of those profits can increase your farm’s profits. Furthermore the shops are player-owned, where the owner can set a fee for using the shop. Adding yet another layer of earning potential within the virtual world.

The Dirt

Although all of the original assets can only be purchased on the secondary market. You did not miss your chance. Upcoming drops are scheduled for the near future. In addition, most assets are not yet available for purchase.

The farms are registered and authorized in Italy for e-commerce. Prior to this past season ending. The Farming Tales team held a promotional event. During which they delivered more than 300 kg of Italian Organic Honey to asset holder’s homes. They have the intention to expand those offerings in the future, as saffron will be next in line.

Gather your tools, your livestock, and get your farming on in this virtual hoedown!

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