Defi Land NFT Forging Announcement

Defi Land NFT Forging Announcement

DeFi Land, the blockchain agriculture simulation game, recently introduced NFT forging. NFT forging allows players to create stronger NFTs than the original ones and increases the player’s efficiency. The developers have also announced several upcoming features, such as fusion, a sister mechanic of forging, brand-new NFTs, and mystery boxes.

What is Forging?

Forging is a technique that players can use to redesign their own NFTs. It will allow players to disassemble Gen-0 NFTs and combine them to create new NFTs (tools or pets) having higher quality features. This means that players can even combine rare attributes to create a stronger item. 

Visit Roger in DeFi Land to do NFT Forging. Forging buildings will also be airdropped to the inventory of active players. This forging building will help you disassemble all NFTs and re-assemble them with desired attributes. To forge NFTs, you also need to pay $GOLDY tokens. DeFi Land plans to introduce the forging concept within the entire Solana NFT ecosystem. They developers are already creating a codebase that they will adapt for other projects.

DeFi Land NFT Forging

How to Forge NFTs in DeFi Land?

To forge an NFT in DeFi Land, you will need to follow these steps:

  • Disassemble your NFT by going to the forging building and paying a flat fee of 5000 GOLDY. Ensure the NFT’s health is at 100 HP and is not currently on an adventure. Select the type of NFT you want to dismantle and then choose the specific NFT of that type. The NFT will be locked for a designated time while it is being disassembled.
  • Claim the resulting attributes, giving you four “attribute” NFTs. These attributes are tradeable and transferable, just like any other NFT.
  • Assemble the new NFT using the desired attributes. Remember that only attributes from the same type of Gen-0 NFT can be combined. The fee for assembling the NFT will depend on the attributes’ rarity. The higher the rarity, the higher the fee and the longer the time required for the process. If you don’t have all of the attributes you want for your NFT, you can trade them on the DeFi Land NFT marketplace.
  • Claim the forged NFT by completing a blockchain transaction and paying a small amount of $SOL. You will be assigned a new mint number when you claim the NFT. If the transaction fails, you can try again.
  • Personalize your NFT by giving it a name using the NFT naming service.
DeFi Land NFT Naming

What are the costs of Forging NFTs?

Disassembling any NFT costs 5000 $GOLDY and takes 4 hours. The cost and time required for assembling NFTs vary depending on the rarity of the attributes: 

  • Common attributes cost 5000 $GOLDY and 1000 $DFL and take 2 hours to assemble. 
  • Uncommon attributes cost 10,000 $GOLDY and 3000 $DFL and take 6 hours to assemble. 
  • Rare attributes cost 20,000 $GOLDY and 10,000 $DFL and take 16 hours to assemble. 
  • Epic attributes cost 25,000 $GOLDY and 25,000 $DFL and take 24 hours to assemble.
  • Legendary attributes cost 30,000 $GOLDY and 50,000 $DFL and take 48 hours to assemble.

In tis system, all $GOLDY and $DFL you acquire through forging are burned in a ceremonial bonfire. Boosting is a feature that allows users to bypass forging cooldowns by paying 5000 $GOLDY per hour. If forging becomes popular, it could burn up to 200 million $DFL and 250 million $GOLDY from the system.

DeFi Land Assembling Cost of Different NFTs
Examples of assembling costs for different NFT combinations

What is DeFi Land?

DeFi Land is a game on the Solana blockchain that aims to educate players about decentralized finance (DeFi) through gameplay. The blockchain game combines multiple DeFi services into one platform, accessible through farming simulation gameplay. Players can start for free and earn rewards by completing missions and competing with other players. 

Players can also use fake assets in a guided version of the game to learn about the basics of DeFi. In the game, players can own land, including a house, market, seed laboratory, farm board, bank, and radio tower. The native utility token of the game is $DFL. Its uses are competing, trading in-game assets, and voting on governance decisions. 

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