DeFi Land Takes Gamified DeFi to Next Level

DeFi Farm gamification finance

DeFi Land will take gamified finance to the next level as they will actually have gamers farm tokens through gameplay. The project will launch its beta test in approximately 2 weeks, and the game runs on the Solana blockchain.

At first sight DeFi looks like an agricultural simulation game, but the game taps straight into DeFi. For example, when players harvest sunflowers, they actually get SOL. The gamified DeFi platform also combines multiple services into one, all accessible through gameplay. Because all this taps into financial services, every action requires a transaction.

DeFi Land supports multiple chains through their agriculture-simulation web-game. The list of supported platforms hasn’t been published yet, but in screenshots we’ve seen Uniswap. According to the official roadmap, Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain will join DeFi Land in early 2022, and they are working on bridges to smoothen the process for cross-chain actions.

What you can do in DeFi Land

Users will need to visit banks to borrow or lend money, while they can provide liquidity in the warehouse. This will earn them liquidity pool tokens, or seeds. These seeds can then be planted on the land to farm rewards. Swapping obviously happens on the market, the house is for portfolio management, and finally voting happens in the governance building. DeFi Land customizes all buildings with their appropriate logos, so it’s easy to know where you’re doing what.

DeFi Land also adds their own NFTs, allowing users to acquire plants, trees and other objects. In addition they will add quests, achievements, tasks and goals. The weather can change in the game, based on market conditions. So hopefully there will be many sunny days.

DeFi Land is quite serious in their efforts. Leading blockchain gaming company Animoca Brands is one of the investors in DeFi Land. Closed beta for DeFi Land will launch by the end of this month.

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