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Elfin Kingdom Mobile Pre-release Test is LIVE

Elfin Kingdom Pre-release is now LIVE

After months of waiting, the Elfin Kingdom Mobile Pre-Release Test is finally LIVE! To celebrate, there will be a series of giveaways including a bug bounty and an invitation program with up to 5,000 USDT to distribute to participants.

The pókemon-like, web3 game, Elfin Kingdom, finally has a mobile version. Users can now catch Elfins on their Android devices. Unfortunately, iOS users will have to wait a bit longer. But still this is excellent news for the project since it can reach a larger audience.

To celebrate the team is organizing a series of events:

  • Bug Bounty program with a prize pool of 5,000 $ELFIN
  • The new Elfin Swidonflame Blind Box Giveaway
  • An invitation program of up to 5,000 $USDT
Bug Bounty

The Bug Bounty program will go from Dec 24th to January 23rd. To participate users must play the mobile version of Elfin Kingdom and report any bugs on a google form.

Every player that reports a bug will be eligible for the 5,000 $ELFIN token prize pool. Users can also report multiple bugs by re-submitting the google form to the team, increasing the odds of getting rewards.

How to play Elfin Kingdom?

To play Elfin Kingdom through an Android device, players have two options: QR code login or email address login.

QR code Log in
  1. Go to the official website
  2. Click on “Android”
  3. Download and install the app
  4. Visit the User Center
  5. Connect your wallet
  6. Click on the wallet address in the right corner to display the QR code
  7. On the webpage, click the QR code and scan it with the Mobile App to authorize login
Elfin Kingdom Wallet Login
E-mail address Log in

Logging in with an e-mail address is not recommended, because that method will offer a limited experience of the game. To unlock all features, like rewards, players must bind their wallets to their accounts. To create an account log in with your e-mail:

  1. Go to the official website
  2. Click on “Android”
  3. Download and install the app
  4. Open the app
  5. Click on Register
  6. Enter your e-mail address and click “get code”
  7. You will receive an e-mail with the code. Copy and paste it into the mobile app and click “register”.
  8. Now repeat the last step and click on “log in”

What is Elfin Kingdom?

Elfin Kingdom is another “play2earn”, pókemon-like game on web 3 on the BNB Smart Chain. But, imagine that pókemon only had 0.1% of the funds it currently has. Now add NFTs to it and a token and you have Elfin Kingdom. Personally, I did not play the game. But I also do not feel like doing so because I do not like its simplicity.

In this game, you have to capture creatures, the Elfins, to then face your opponents. These Elfins have stats and an element. Each element has strengths and weaknesses so it is recommended to create a balanced Elfin team with different elements. The game falls into the turn-based tactical RPG genre where you fight with three Elfins against other teams. There are PvP and PvE activities and a mini-game which is where players capture new Elfins.

When it comes to its economy there is the $ELFIN token and the Elfins which exist in the form of NFTs. The idea is to capture Elfins and sell them for the token. Then I would say the next logical thing is to sell the token for FIAT, but, accordingly to CoinMarketCap, it is unlisted. The NFTs can also be sold in this marketplace built by the team for $BNB.

Elfin economy

Personally, if you are into pókemon-like games I think you are better served with projects like Chain Monsters. I tried getting more information regarding the game but there is no whitepaper and their discord server is as full as the highlands of the moon on a Saturday afternoon. So, I will leave you with a video review of the project instead in case you want to know more about it.

Elfin Kingdom Review