Eternal Dragons Roar Mechanics and NFT Mint Announcement

Eternal Dragons

Eternal Dragons, a fantasy game developed by Trailblazer Games, has announced the Roar game mechanics and the upcoming NFT mint. Eternal Dragons recently completed the Batch 5 priority whitelist mint and is all set to release the next Batch 6 mint on August 16, 2022.

Recently the Roar puzzle contest was held in which players had to learn how to use Roar abilities and solve Roar puzzles. On submitting correct answers, players received whitelist spots and other rewards. 

Eternal Dragons Roar

What is the Roar Ability?

In the Eternal Dragons, units containing dragons and minions have different abilities. One such ability is known as Roar. Roars are area effects used to place units efficiently as a part of the player’s strategy. Each unit Roars to buff itself and other friendly units within the Roar range when a combat battle begins. A coin toss is used to decide which unit will go first out of the pair of units. This system is called unit turn order. After the turn orders have been assigned, the units Roar; players must strategically position all the units to achieve an efficient buff on other units. The Roar’s strength and functions depend on the type of Dragon. The Minions can also Roar but only have an extra range of one tile.

Eternal Dragons Roar Ability

Players have to recruit the best units by carefully analyzing the Roar attributes. The three attributes are Roar direction, Roar Range, and Roar function.

Roar Direction: The Dragons are placed on a unit grid of 8 arrows in all possible directions. These arrows will tell you in which direction the Roar can be executed. Out of them, the green arrow represents the direction in which the Roar will be executed. The portrait and its corresponding unit on the grid are shown in the image.

Eternal Dragons Roar Directions

Roar Range: The Roar range will increase the ability of the roaring unit and any units within the Roar range. It generally depends on the type of Dragon that is roaring. The range will be shown in digits inside a green box of the portrait. The Roars will impact only friendly units within the range. The Minion, Descendant, and Genesis dragons have a Roar range of one, two, and three tiles, respectively.

Roar Function: The Roar’s ability to enhance is shown in an icon on the portrait. In the image above, the Genesis Fighter Dragon Roars, and all units above it, including itself, will be buffed with the Raise Armor ability.

Eternal Dragons NFT Mint

As per the official Discord Channel of Eternal Dragons, the Batch 6 mint will start on August 16, 2022. The developers recently concluded the Batch 5 priority whitelist mint, which got released on August 9, 2022, and sold out within 24 hours.

Dragon NFTs are the hot commodity in Eternal Dragons. Though their Genesis Dragon mint consists of 10,000 NFTs, they release them in batches of 1000, one for each class in the game. As of now, five classes have been covered: Fighter, Mages, Slayer, Hunter, and Warlock. The upcoming Batch 6 mint will add another class to this list.

What is Eternal Dragons game?

Eternal Dragons is a blockchain game developed by Trailblazer Games. The multi-chapter game is based on long-lost eternal dragons and will contain four chapters, with the first two being a dragon breeding game. The other two chapters have a chess warfare mode with NFT integration and other web3 features. 

Eternal Dragons run on the Solana blockchain and rewards players with Eternium – the official utility token. $Eternium can be used for entering competitions, levelling up dragons, breeding, teleportation, decorations, and many other use cases. Additionally, players can purchase Dragon NFTs from the marketplace.

The NFTs in the game is based on a set of complex algorithms that generate unique in-game abilities and looks. They can also have special attributes that cannot be inherited and will only be limited to the first generation of Dragons. The Dragons can be bred, and their offspring could generate revenue. The NFT holders will have early access to Eternal Dragons, exclusive access to discord channels, new features, and early access to NFT token presales.

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