DeFi Land announces Seed Sale

DeFi land NFT sale banner

DeFi Land, a decentralized finance project that runs as a farming simulator, announced a Seed sale coming in January of 2022. Users buy Seeds and grow NFTs for use in the game which is expected to introduce play to earn mechanics in February. Already in public beta, DeFi Land continues to expand and improve it’s ambitious project.

DeFi Land wants to merge gaming with everything on the blockchain to help facilitate and educate what can sometimes be a nebulous and confusing process. And that philosophy even carries over to their upcoming NFT sale.

duck house
a home for the ducks

You don’t just buy and own an NFT with this Seed sale. Instead, players purchase DeFi Land Seeds. Owners stake and lock their seeds for 30 days in order to grow the NFTs. But this isn’t just a stake and forget process. Players must care for their seeds and water them daily. Watering requires the $DFL token. Seed owners who don’t stake will still receive an NFT, but only the most common option. Seeds which receive more attention and water have a greater chance for growing higher rarity NFTs and maybe even multiples!

Details about the NFTs have not yet been revealed. But we do know that there will be five different tiers of results. We also know they will be Core NFTs, integral to the play to earn mechanics that will soon be released. These are things such as tools and buildings that will have various upgrade options.

Exact date and costs of this Seed sale should be announced soon.

DeFi Land in-game screenshots
DeFi Land in-game screenshots

What is Defi Land?

DeFi Land is a project on the Solana blockchain that wants to “gamify every single product and service in the crypto industry”. The began with decentralized finance (defi). In DeFi Land, players don’t just deposit their coins and tokens into ‘farms’ and harvest the income. Instead, they actually go into a game interface and convert their coins into seeds, which then must be grown on the in-game farm.

Visit the Seed Laboratory to provide liquidity and receive LP tokens in the form of seeds. Plant the seeds. The seeds grow and provide yields, which the player can harvest for more seeds! The game also offers an educational mode for newcomers so they can practice and learn about defi before using any of their real money. Though it is technically free to play, users do need to pay a small fee in SOL to register their wallet. And, of course, if you want to actually participate in the liquidity pools, you will need real funds for that.

Unlike some other projects, DeFi Land has only one token, DFL (the DeFi Land token), which function as a governance token and an in-game currency. The team plans to implement a staking pool for DFL as well.

Public beta is already underway, with the first play to earn mechanics expected in February. NFT owners can earn $DFL and other resources.

The game features buildings for swapping tokens and other integrated features. DeFi Land recently partnered with Audius to place a radio tower in the world that lets users stream and listen to music while playing! That’s pretty cool and an excellent showcase of cross-app functionality!

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