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Eternal Dragons Release First Alpha

Eternal Dragons alpha banner

Eternal Dragons generated a lot of hype during their many mints over the past six months. Now we see if they can deliver on the gameplay as they release their first alpha of their dragon-based auto-battler!

Eternal Dragons held no less than ten different mints earlier this year, one for each of the Dragon classes. They also implemented Nesting, which is sort of combination of staking and engagement with social media. In return, Nesting Dragons began receiving Descendant Eggs, which will be the next generation of Dragon NFTs. There will be a more involved breeding program released later. But, for now, we have the alpha!

The first Eternal Dragons alpha opened on December 21st. This alpha is only open for holders of Genesis Dragons. Later releases will allow community members to invite other players. But, for now, it’s only for NFT holders. This alpha offers a preview of the core game mechanics and some early game content. Players will be able to choose from twenty different teams, and have options for playing in Dungeon or Hard mode.

There will also be regular PvE tournaments with prizes run during the alpha. The Eternal Dragons team teased another upcoming surprise Christmas gift, but haven’t given us any clues yet. I guess we’ll have to wait a few more days to find out!

Players can join the alpha at

Eternal Dragons alpha screenshot
Eternal Dragons alpha screenshot

What is Eternal Dragons

Eternal Dragons is an auto-battler game built on the Solana blockchain with Dragons as combat units. With numerous different classes, position-based abilities, and elemental affinities, Eternal Dragons is sure to offer plenty of room for different strategies and team builds. Dragons have basic stats of hit points, elemental power (magic damage), and physical power (physical damage).

In addition, units in Eternal Dragons have a number of other attributes that affect their combat abilities. First each has a default skill. This is the basic, and most often used skill for that Dragon. It can be an attack, heal, buff/debuff, or even some combination. Units also have prime stats they prefer. This will matter when players add items to units, as matching items to prime stats will provide better combat value. Dragons also have Skill Sets and Class Skills. Skill Set is a collection of abilities. Only Dragons with matching Skill Sets can use those abilities. And, as you might guess, Class Skills are specific to certain Dragon Classes.

Also, each Dragon class has certain other classes that it enjoys pairing with. These are known as “neighboring dragons”. Neighboring Dragons share Skill Sets. And they will tend to have class skills and abilities that harmonize well together. Dragons also receive bonuses from sharing affinities with teammates. Each NFT has an associated affinity such as Earth, Air, or Void.

So there is certainly a lot to consider when making teams and playing the game! Eternal Dragons seeks to join the ranks of web3-enabled eSports games, and providing strategic depth is an important part of making that work.

To learn more about Eternal Dragons, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord chat!

Eternal Dragons classes
Eternal Dragons classes
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