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Star Atlas Launched Pre-Season R2

Star Atlas Pre-Season R2

Dogfighting, ship racing, and multiplayer are just some of the things that are new in Star Atlas Pre-Season R2 which was just launched! This update left everyone ‘jaw dropped’. Finally, Star Atlas fans are able to experience the true AAA game the devs have been promoting since the beginning of the project. This was a hit for all of those who kept saying that Star Atlas is one of the biggest scams in Web3.

On December 16th Star Atlas announced the launch of the ‘Pre-Season’ or ‘R2’. This update brings a lot of new features and activities like:

  • Dogfighting
  • Ship Racing
  • New version of the Volant Station
  • Multiplayer
  • Characters and skins

This is a major step for Star Atlas and its community which is now more hyped than ever. The first showroom was quite limited, all players could do was walk around, but now everyone can have a glimpse of the AAA graphics and gameplay of the game. Let’s break down everything that is new!


The Dogfighting Arena is one of the most exciting new features. Players will have to hone their skills as pilots in order to survive in the open space where everything is possible. Pilots must be ready to maneuver their ships while under heavy enemy fire. Bots will come in waves, and in each wave, the enemy pilots will be flying with a different ship. For the competitive players, the Arena already has leaderboards for everyone to see who are the best pilots in the community. Before adventuring into a space dogfight I recommend everyone to first watch the tutorial.

Ship Racing

Racing is another great feature that is new in the Star Atlas Pre-Season. There is the aerial racing track with another leaderboard for adrenaline addicts. Pilots will test out their maneuvering skills by flying as fast as possible through each gate. Each ship will offer a different flying mechanic.

Ship Racing in Star Atlas pre-season R2
Ship Racing
Improved Volant Station

The old Volant Station is still there. But now it looks way better and it is WAY larger. There are more landing pads and additional acres of land to explore. Old areas are also more polished and enhanced to provide a better experience.

Improved Volant Station
Improved Volant Station

Finally, pilots will be able to form a party of eight with their closest friends. The available activities for a party are still a bit limited. Players can only summon their ship and move around with their friends so far. But it is the first multiplayer experience ever in Star Atlas, so it is a good start.

Character and Skins

Now explorers have more options than just Captain Asha. The team added three additional characters that can be selected right after login in. Besides this, every character can be equipped with different skins. In the future, NFT skins will be integrated into the game.

Character Selection Screen
Character Selection Screen

How to access the ‘Pre-Season’?

To play in Star Atlas R2 players will need a key. Those who had access to the first Showroom already got a key automatically. For those who do not have a key, must buy an NFT ship on Star Atlas Marketplace and send that ship on the mini-game SCORE in a mission for a week.

After getting the key players must:

  1. Head to the Epic Games Store
  2. Insert the key
  3. Download Star Atlas Showroom
  4. Once on the Showroom landing page connect a Solana wallet
  5. Enjoy

Last Thoughts on Star Atlas

I was quite impressed with what I saw in this new update. I think that before, there were the fans, and there were those who were skeptical and thought that Star Atlas was a scam. With R2, the team proves that they have been working hard behind the curtain and making good use of the funds they have. The next release should be SAGE, a strategy mini-game that will replace SCORE, which should come out in Q1 or Q2 of 2023.

Personally, I loved the gameplay footage of R2. But not everything is going well for Star Atlas. The title’s treasury took a heavy hit when FTX went down and that is why the team is trying to sell Titan Ships for 2,500,000 USD in a full bear market. More information about that on this article. To me, that seems a bit desperate and foolish.

When it comes to Star Atlas as an investment I think it is quite risky and a long-term play. It is a game that will take at least five more years to be fully developed if they solve their funds issue. If you want to know my opinion regarding buying NFTs and other assets from this title I will leave you the video below.

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