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Splinterlands Begins Chaos Legion Burn

Chaos Legion burn banner

Splinterlands just began a planned burn of unsold Chaos Legion packs as outlined by a recently passed, SPS Governance Proposal. In addition, they have revealed the next airdrop cards for Riftwatchers and Chaos Legion, both Legendary cards that should see significant gameplay!

In a recent SPS governance proposal, the Splinterlands team suggested that they start burning unsold packs from the Chaos Legion set. Began over a year ago, the Chaos Legion sale has not progressed as quickly as planned. Likely due to a combination of price point and market conditions, sales for Chaos Legion packs quickly tapered off after the initial rush. And so, with millions of unsold packs waiting on the shelves, SPS Proposal #15 was put up for a vote. Passing with over 77% of the votes in support, Proposal #15, dictates that once implemented, every day, 25,000 (25k) unsold Chaos Legion packs are to be burnt, forever removing them from circulation.

splinterlands banner

This puts a hard deadline on purchasing Chaos Legion packs. It also provides extra incentive for players and guilds to stock up before the sale ends on March 31st. Any remaining unsold packs will be burnt at that point. But, if players start snatching up CL packs over the holidays, Chaos Legion may sell out before the hard deadline!

This burn is partly in preparation for the next edition of cards. Called Rebellion, this set is slated for release in the Summer of 2023.

Upcoming Chaos Legion and Riftwatchers Airdrops

Splinterlands also recently revealed the next cards for the upcoming airdrops for both Riftwatchers and Chaos Legion.

The Riftwatchers airdrop, a Legendary Nature card called Ancient Redwood, becomes available for claiming once 1 million Riftwatchers packs have been sold. Every 225 packs purchased before the airdrop are guaranteed to receive one Ancient Redwood. In addition, every pack purchased has a 0.44% of granting a copy of this card. Each airdropped cards has a 4% of being a Gold Foil version. This monstrous, 11 mana cost, 5 ranged attack creature should see some significant play in higher mana rulesets.

Ancient Redwood
The Ancient Redwood never misses!

For Chaos Legion, we have a Legendary Summoner! Possibilus the Wise, a Water Summoner, provides +2 health, Trample, and Reach to all the cards on their team! To receive a guaranteed airdrop, players need to have purchased at least 600 Chaos Legion packs. Every Chaos Legion pack purchased before the airdrop also provides a 0.166% chance of receiving a copy of Possibilus. The Possibilus airdrop will be calculated once the Chaos Legion sale hits 11 million sold packs. With the recent implementation of Chaos Legion pack burning, that is guaranteed to happen within the next 9 days, if not sooner! Each Possibilus airdropped also has a 4% chance of being a Gold Foil version.

Possibilus the Wise
Possibilus the Wise

What is Splinterlands?

Splinterlands is a browser-based, play-to-earn, trading card game running on the Hive blockchain. Splinterlands features two tokens. Dark Energy Crystals (DEC), the primary game currency, and Splintershards (SPS), a governance token.

Splinterlands is a cross between a deck-building game and an auto-battler. Players use their cards to build a combat lineup based on the rules of the match. Then, once both sides submit their teams, the cards run in auto-battle mode until only one team remains. Players earn rewards for winning matches, and can also earn additional rewards through Daily Quests, Seasonal rewards, and a recurring, two-week leaderboard contest. Read our Splinterlands guide for more info.

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