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Splinterlands Begins New SPS Airdrop

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As a result of two early SPS Proposals, Splinterlands just implemented a new SPS airdrop for all players who hold Land NFTS and/or packs from their upcoming Tower Defense Game. This daily token drop will last for five and a half years, or until player governance decides otherwise!

Splinterlands has moved pretty quickly to integrate community governance via staked SPS tokens. As part of this early implementation, Splinterlands put forth a number of proposals. And though all of the proposals have been generated by the Splinterlands team, not all of them have passed, showing us that the community is actually making these decisions.

Two of those proposals that passed decreed that airdrops should be implemented for everyone holding Land Claim Deeds and also for those with Nightmare packs for the upcoming Tower Defense game. And so, as decreed, those airdrops are now live!

SPS rewards for Brawls coming soon
SPS rewards for Brawls coming soon

Two SPS Airdrops

The SPS pool for Land holders is 6.25 million SPS tokens per month. This works out to about 40 SPS tokens a month per Land Claim Deed. However, since Land Claim Deeds that aren’t in the players’ Splinterlands won’t count, that number may be a little higher. This pool decreases by 1% per month and continues for 65 months.

This is the first direct reward land holders have seen since the land sale two years ago. And technically, no one is actually holding Splinterlands land at the moment. Everyone just owns land claim deeds that will be used to claim the actual land plot once that system is released. The Splinterlands team expects to have land claiming available by the end of 2022.

The second airdrop is for those holding packs from the upcoming Splinterlands Tower Defense Game. And while land is only available on secondary markets, packs for Tower Defense are still on sale in the official store. This airdrop consists of 1 million tokens per month, also decreasing by 1% per month over a total period of 65 months.

Players can claim these airdrops on the SPS page. All SPS tokens stake automatically when claimed. Staked tokens take 28 days to withdraw, with 25% of the withdrawn tokens made available every 7 days. Though Splinterlands plans to offer additional rewards to SPS stakers in the near future (such as an airdrop of tokens for their upcoming Genesis League Sports franchise), so you may just want to leave those tokens staked.

And for those worried about tokenomics, these tokens aren’t generated from nowhere. The whitepaper for SPS tokens always planned to allocate tokens to landowners. And the tokens distributed to Nightmare Pack holders come from the team’s share of tokens.

claim SPS airdrop
claim SPS airdrop

What is Splinterlands Tower Defense?

The Splinterlands Tower Defense Game (or SPLTD) is an upcoming auto-battler, tower defense game that will be part of the Splinterlands ecosystem. Featuring its own set of NFTs in the form of Towers, Spells, and Heroes, SPLTD will also utilize Dark Energy Crystals (DEC), SPS tokens, VOUCHERS, and even existing Splinterlands NFTs.

SPLTD will feature account bound progression. Certain items needed to reach higher levels of the game become bound to the player account and untradeable. This keeps players from just buying their way to the highest reward ranks. They still have to play the game and accumulate the needed resources to level up in-game.

The team expects to have 25 different towers available for the initial relases. SLPTD also includes Spell NFTs. Attach Spell NFTs to towers to provide additional bonuses and effects. In addition, Heroes make an appearance in the game — semi-mobile units that fight until they run out of hit points.

To combat 24/7 farming, the cards themselves earn less the more they are used. Players may choose to spend DEC tokens to recharge the energy reserves on cards. SPLTD will also feature card merging for upgrades, in a similar style to Splinterlands.

In addition, the Splinterlands Tower Defense Game will support the use of cards from the main Splinterlands game. Stake Splinterlands NFTs into Towers to give them bonuses. While cards are staked in SPLTD, they cannot be used for anything else — they can’t be played in Splinterlands, rented, traded, or loaned. Unstaking cards will take some time, though players will have the option of spending DEC and/or VOUCHERS to shorten the unstaking period.

Future plans include potential PvP and co-op PvE. Beta is expected by the end of the year (2022).

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