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Fableborne Launches Trial of Season 4: A Shatterlands Carol

Fableborne Announces Trial of Season 4 A Shatterlands Carol

Fableborne ARPG is back with another season of “Trial of Seasons.” The previous Trial of Season 3: Future’s Fervour ran from September 5, 2022, to October 3, 2022. This new season, Trial of Season 4: A Shatterland Carol, will run from November 28, 2022, to December 19, 2022. Players participating in this season will be eligible to receive rewards, Esper Coins, Faction Points, levelling perks, and much more.

What are Trial of Seasons, and how to join a faction?

The Trial of Seasons are competitions where players can join factions and battle for points for a duration of three to four weeks. During this period, a Global Faction Leaderboard is live under Seasonal and Weekly events that display the factions’ total points. Based on the faction points, players receive Esper Coins at the end of the season. Players redeem these coins for various rewards.

To join a faction, players have to join the official Discord server of Fableborne. According to the game lore, four factions were created to combat the increasing perils of the world. The four factions are United Tribes of Khalkalann, Commonwealth of Industraea, Kingdom of Arandraxis, and Subjects of Malanwe. Under the “join-a-faction” thread, players can get the option to join a faction.

Fableborne Factions
Fableborne Factions

About Trial of Season 4: A Shatterlands Carol

During the Trial of Season 4 one event will be hosted per week and have multiple winners who receive a set amount of Faction Points and Esper Coins. The Faction points gained by winners of weekly events will play a key role in deciding the Global Faction Rank. This leaderboard will refresh every season so that no faction faces a disadvantage. The current ranking of the four factions after the successful completion of the first week is as follows:

  • Subjects of Malanwe: 3000 EC
  • United Tribes of Khalkalann: 2500 EC
  • Commonwealth of Industraea: 2000 EC
  • Kingdom of Arandraxis: 1500 EC

The Esper Coins collected can be used at the end of the season for Whitelisting spots, Alpha access, Raffle Tickets for Rare Echoes NFT, Discord Nitro Boosts, Unique Profile picture NFT, a Fableborne Wallpaper and also to change Faction. If players are unable to buy something this season using the Esper Coins, they can spend them in future seasons.

The Esper Coin Shop on the Discord Server shows the list of items in the shop and their price. Players have to use specific discord commands to buy items from the shop.

Trial of Season 4 A Shatterlands Carol

What is Fableborne game?

Fableborne is a mobile first, multiplayer action RPG in which players have to strategize and build a solid base to defend their islands. The objective is to protect the base from enemies by launching attacks. Similar to Clash of Clans, the gameplay is asynchronous, which means players don’t compete against one another in real time; rather, it connects players through competition. 

Fableborne offers NFTs as rewards to players in PvE tournaments. Players can also purchase NFTs with the in-game currency. Players have to search for bigger islands while building bases against the enemy in the game. You can raid other players’ bases for resources in asynchronous PvP battles and boost skills by fighting in PvE boss battles.

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