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MOHome Moves Into Alpha Phase 2

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MOHome, a part of the MOMOverse built by Mobox, enters into alpha phase 2. The last phase before the official release of the MOHome feature, this alpha introduces two new buildings, the addition of Orchards, and trading with Deep Space Caravans!

On December 8th, Mobox launched alpha test, phase 2, of their MOHome. Part of the larger MOMOverse, MOHome has a Stardew Valley feel, as players can build, decorate, and clear land for growing crops. Alpha phase 2 adds the last buildings as MOHome prepares for their official release later this month.

What’s New in Phase 2?

The first new building, the Energy Tower, promotes and encourages cooperation among the MOMOverse residents. The Energy Tower features two energy bars. The first one is filled from friends charging your Tower, while the second fills by charging the Towers of other players. When both energy bars are full, the player receives a two hour prosperity boost.

Orchard planting

Orchards also benefit from helpful friends. Players use Plans and crafted materials to plant fruits. Higher rated plans yield more fruit. Orchards can also be upgraded to open additional planting areas. Friends can help with watering and insect control in the Orchard, though each individual can only help once every five minutes.

Those who are feeling more aggressive can choose to build a Lighthouse. Using a Lighthouse, players can try to loot unharvested fruit from another player’s Orchard! Different types of crops and Orchard structures help protect against this thievery.

And then we have the Deep Space Caravans. Players can visit the commercial airport to trade their goods. Every 24 hours, the D.S.C. picks three random fruits that it wants. Each trade of those fruits gains Prestige for the player, earning rewards at certain milestones. The Prestige meter for these rewards resets when the Caravan leaves.

Alpha phase 2 also introduces tasks players can complete related to these new features such as planting fruit, looting fruit, and helping other players. Completing these tasks earns prestige points as well. MOHome builders can earn MBOX tokens daily based on the prestige level of their home.

Mobox plans to end this second alpha phase on December 21st, and officially launch the MOHome feature later that same day.

What are MOHomes?

MOHomes are really more of a village. A sort of game within the game of MOMOverse. At the center is a Town Hall. Players with Town Halls built begin to receive passive income in the form of MBOX tokens.

Players construct and upgrade various buildings in their MOHome. Each building has a specific effect, and also increases the Prosperity rating of your Home. The higher the Prosperity rating, the more MBOX income the Town Hall receives.

Players can choose from four civilization types. Every Civilization has a different set of materials that they use for construction. The Civilizations available for launch are Tech Fantasy, Barbarian Tribe, Steam Punk, and Middle Ages, each with a distinct visual style.

But in addition to the utility buildings, there will also be a number of decorations. Decorations include things such as flowers, trees, and statues. Players can receive a small amount of Prosperity from decorations, but they are mostly for visual appearance only.

Players can access the MOMOverse and their MOHome through the Mobox website.

MOHome buildings
MOHome buildings
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