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Undead Blocks Started a 30-Day Giveaway Program

Undead Blocks 30-Day giveaway program

Santa Claus arrived earlier at the zombie apocalypse! Undead Blocks just started a 30-day giveaway program to hype up the community now that their full-game release is just around the corner. It will begin on December 7th, will last until January 7th and rewards will be distributed on January 9th. This could be the chance for many players to grab a rare skin or, for the lucky ones, an NFT Weapon Loadout.

This program is going on in conjunction with the 25,000 loot coffins that are being sold on GameStop NFT Marketplace. Every day there will be a random draw at the Zombie News Network Twitch channel. Both in this channel and in Undead Blocks discord will be announced the serial numbers of 3 different Loot Coffins. One number for each of the three different rarities available.

Loot coffins

The owner of the announced Loot Coffins will receive the corresponding Apocalypse Pack Weapon Loadout on January 9th. This means that participants will receive around 90 NFTs during this program that will be distributed in the following way:

  • 1 Rookie Pack per day for Common Coffin owners – Current floor is at 0.1398 $ETH
  • 1 Commander Pack per day for Rare Coffin owners – Current floor is at 0.6 $ETH
  • 1 Veteran Pack per day for Legendary Coffin owners – Current floor is at 0.525 $ETH

Besides this, every day a common Loot Coffin will be raffled off during the stream on Zombie News Network via Undead Blocks Twitch Channel. Unlike the Apocalypse Pack giveaways, for the Common Loot Coffin raffles presence in the show is required.

How to participate?

To participate in the Apocalypse Weapon Loadout raffle a Loot Coffin is needed. These can be found at the GameStop NFT Marketplace for the following prices:

  • Common Loot Coffins – .01 $ETH per coffin
  • Rare Loot Coffins – .02 $ETH
  • Legendary Loot Coffins – .03 $ETH

Every day the winner will be announced both on ZNN Twitch and in Undead Blocks discord. Attendance is not required. By owning a loot coffin holders will get a double chance to get an NFT Weapon Loadout. There are the odds of getting one through the giveaway and there is also a chance when opening the loot coffin.

To participate in the Common Loot Coffin Giveaways players must watch the Undead Blocks Twitch Channel every day for a chance to win one. Every time they go live they announce it on their discord.

Last Thoughts

Undead Blocks has been progressing a lot in the past months. They organized regularly sponsored tournaments and paid more than 100,000 USD to participants. They also did a lot of partnerships, announced the loot coffins sale and soon they will release the full game.

I think the team was unlucky because they scheduled the full game release with multiplayer, which is one of the most awaited moments by the community, and a few weeks before FTX collapses alongside with the whole crypto market.

But the truth is that, in despite of these unfortunate events, their assets are holding a decent floor and the community keeps growing. These giveaway programs alongside with the full game release will create hype and will bring new faces to Undead Blocks playerbase.

If you want to know more about Undead Blocks I suggest you watch the video below where I review the project.

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