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AKM Assault Tournament in Undead Blocks

Undead Blocks AKM Assault banner

Hot on the heels of their last competition, Undead Blocks brings us yet another play to earn tournament. This one, sponsored by Genblock Capital, features a $10,000 prize pool. And though still in beta, Undead Blocks already offers quality graphics, smooth gameplay, and daily, play to earn leaderboards.

This seems to be a regular occurrence now, as Undead Blocks has already given us a Pistol Speedrun Tournament and a MP5 Massacre Tournament this summer. Now they follow those up with another $10k tournament, this one sponsored by Genblock Capital, a blockchain investment company.

AKM Assault Tournament

Undead Blocks AKM Assault prize pool
AKM Assault prize pool

This latest tournament is called AKM Assault. It runs from August 12th through the 14th (2022). The tournament is free to play. No NFT ownership required. And the top 2000 players receive prizes. The prize pools are for ZBUX tokens, an in-game only currency. Luckily, they are the Gold ZBUX tokens, which can be exchanged foe Ethereum and other tokens on the Wagyu website. The Wagyu site looks like it will be the central spot for managing your Undead Blocks account and NFTs and it is required to create an account there in order to play Undead Blocks.

The goals for the AKM Assault tournament are simple. Kill as many zombies as you can. You have 10 minutes, and the zombie spawn rate increases every minute. The tournament promises that you will not survive! That sounds like a challenge for all of you zombie-killing experts out there!

The game is already tough to master, as players must face off solo against a never ending horde of undead on a small, suburban street. The game features a number of combat options, including guns and melee weapons. During beta, players have access to all the weapons, but only players who hold NFTs will be able to use their weapon skins.

About Undead Blocks

Undead Blocks weapon skin
MP5 weapon skin

Undead Blocks is a AAA kill-to-earn FPS zombie shooter game running on the Ethereum network. In Undead Blocks, players fight against zombies and earn rewards. Players can participate in daily challenges and missions to attain a top position on the daily leaderboard and earn Gold ZBUX tokens. Also, for every zombie they kill, players earn XP. They then use those experience points to unlock additional weapons.

The game is currently in open beta, is free-to-play, and available for PC and Mac. Undead Blocks has also been running a series of special tournaments with prize pools worth ten to twenty thousand dollars!

$UNDEAD is the official token of Undead Blocks, and there is a maximum supply of 500M tokens. The ZBUX is an off-chain reward currency that allows players to upgrade weapon load-outs, purchase loot boxes, exchange Gold ZBUX for currency, and much more.

Undead Blocks Gameplay Review

For a preview of Undead Blocks, check out this gameplaye review from our very own Bruno.

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