Genopets Crafting Release on December 8th

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On December 8th, Genopets officially releases the first phase of their crafting feature. Offering hundreds of different items, hidden recipes, and the potential to create Enhanced and Superior versions of Augments, the Genopets crafting system leaves plenty of room for experimentation.

Augments for Genopets already exist thanks to the rewards from their recent Treasure Hunt (now finished). This event allowed players to craft special Augments that won’t ever be crafted again!

But not to worry crafters, Genopets plans for this first release to include 189 variations of Augments (with 21 unique visual styles) and 28 variations of Chroma Crystals available for crafting! And though players still can’t attach Augments to their Pets yet, soon, they will be able to start crafting. The crafting interface for Genopets is scheduled to open on December 8th at 10pm UTC.

Players will need to either own a Habitat or rent one in order to craft. They will also need Refined Crystals, KI tokens, and GENE tokens. There will be a number of Recipes that players must discover on their own. Presumably this will involve submitting a new combination to the crafting interface. The Genopets team has promised to reveal more details over the coming days.

a Chroma Crystal
a Chroma Crystal

Chroma Crystals and Augments

With the introduction of crafting, players will be able to create Chroma Crystals and Augments. Both are NFTs and tradeable on Magic Eden.

Chroma Crystals are used to modify the colors of Pets. Different types allow players to change the primary, secondary, and glow colors for their Genopet.

Augments function as both cosmetic items and stat boosters. Though not used now, when battle mode is introduced to Genopets, the stats of your Pet will make a huge difference.

Augments come in seven different types. These are eyes, ears, tails, wings, manes, antennae, and horns. Augments not only affect the Pet’s appearance, but they also increase their base stats. Every Pet starts with the same base numbers for health, defense, speed and hit points. Leveling up a Pet increases their stats, while Augments allow players to customize which stats they want to boost on their Pet.

On top of that, each Augment unlocks an ability, either a hack or attack move in battle. So with seven Augment slots available, players should have plenty of options for customizing for their preferred battle style.

Augments have three additional attributes. Style, which affects the Augment’s appearance, Class, which affects the power levels and stat modifiers (basically, rarity, with higher rarity items being more powerful), and Variant, which makes the Augment slightly different. Variants may offer different stat boosts or bonus abilities, and come in Enhanced and Superior forms. Enhanced Variants tend to be stronger than the original version of the Augment, while Superior is the strongest Variant.

In the future, additional variants will appear in the game through special quests or challenges.

a rare wing Augment
a rare wing Augment

Visit the Genopets website, follow them in Twitter, and join their Discord server to learn more about this move to earn game.

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