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Blockchain Brawlers is LIVE

Blockchain Brawlers is now LIVE

The Wax Wrestling game, Blockchain Brawlers is now LIVE. Players can finally test out their wrestlers in the Brawlverse and participate in intense PvP matches. This is a major step for Tyranno Studios that have been working on the title since November 2021.

Smackdown and Raw left the television and just arrived at the Wax Blockchain! Blockchain Brawlers, designed by Richard Garfield, the creator of Magic the Gathering: Arena, is now open to everyone. Players can now begin their wrestling careers and start Brawling.

For that, user authentication was integrated. This means that players can log in with their Wax Wallets and all their Wrestling history will be registered on the Blockchain. Unfortunately, players can not stake and bet the token $BRWL on PvP. $BRWL integration will come on Dec 16th, accordingly to their Roadmap, and players will be able to bet on their win. This will be the only way to earn the game’s token in the future. For now, there are three PVP Modes: Exhibition VS Bots, Ranked, and ‘Join/Host’.

Then besides this, the team also added the Swag Kits which you can purchase in the BCB’s shop for 178 $WASP to make your wrestlers look cooler. MMR was implemented. By winning or losing, players will climb or descend on a ranked ladder. Wins against bots no longer grant MMR. Last but not least, players can buy NFTs and $BRWL with a credit card.

Accordingly to the team, around Q1 of 2023, a 2nd PvP game mode will come out. This will be an auto-chess game mode where brawlers will participate in a ‘Royal Rumble’ format.

How to play Blockchain Brawlers?

Since this is a WAX game players will need a WAX wallet like the WAX cloud wallet. Besides this, Blockchain Brawlers is not a free-to-play game, which means that players need to spend crypto on NFTs to play it. To begin with, players will need the following assets just to get started:

  • 1 Brawler
  • 8 Cards
  • 3 Moves

For that, users can purchase Starter Packs on either Open Sea or the VIRL Marketplace for the floor price of 0.15 $ETH.

After that, players just need to go to their official website, connect their wallets, and start Brawling.

What is Blockchain Brawlers?

Blockchain Brawlers is a Wrestling game with cards. Matches, just like in Wrestling in real life, are between two wrestlers, which in this game are NFTs. Each player, besides owning a Wrestler, also has cards that represent the Wrestler’s moves. The cards are drawn from a deck and then, every round, each player bets with the cards they have at hand.

At the end of the round, cards will be revealed and the wrestler with the winning hand will deal damage to the other wrestler. Wrestlers have 25 health points and when their health is depleted, the corresponding player loses the match.

It’s quite an interesting game. When I first heard about Blockchain Brawlers I thought it was an action game. But I was far from the truth. This is more of a strategy/gambling game other than action. If you want to learn how to play read this article that was written by the team. If you want to see some in-game footage to have a better idea of how the game looks watch the video below.

Blockchain Brawlers Gameplay