Applications Open for Treeverse Pre-Alpha

Treeverse pre-alpha banner

Treeverse brings another MMO alpha to the web3 gaming world. And while owning a Treeverse related NFT isn’t required to play, there is a question about it on the application, as well as a request for a number of details about the player’s gaming and gametesting experience!

Treeverse is an in-development MMO, with a anime styled graphics. They began as an NFT project during the NFT boom of 2021, and quickly pivoted to making a virtual gaming world for their NFTs. The Treeverse team has soldiered on through this crypto winter, releasing regular dev blogs, concept artwork, and screenshots to show their progress. Now they prepare to let a select group of players into their first, public, pre-alpha.

Treeverse is looking for serious playtesters for this pre-alpha. The application asks for extensive details about testing and gameplay experience. The pre-alpha will also be under an NDA, or non-disclosure agreement, meaning that players are not allowed to talk about or show the game to anyone outside the game. And most companies tend to take NDAs pretty seriously!

There will still be some screenshots and videos from the pre-alpha, but any releases will be tightly controlled by the Treeverse team.

You can access the application here.The team has said that they do prefer game testing experience. We don’t have an exact date for the pre-alpha to start, but it is supposed to be in Q4 of 2022, which is rapidly coming to a close!

What is Treeverse

Treeverse is a fantasy MMO that began as an NFT project about trees. Specifically, a project called Nftrees. The sales from that project resulted in the foundations of Treeverse, an online world where players own virtual land, adventure on quests, defeat bosses, craft items, and build a home on a plot of land. With a funding round from Animoca brands, the Treeverse team has expanded greatly and plans to release a pre-alpha soon.

Treeverse has a bright, distinct visual style, and features a world rich with lore. Players begin their journeys at the city of Elderwall near the World Tree. The team plans to lean heavily into lore creation with interactive websites, stories, poems, lore-based quests, and more! Featuring, quick, action-based combat, Treeverse will be mainly PvE. Though they may add PvP options at a later point.

Treeverse will include a dynamic event system, with players able to affect world events by manipulating the World Tree, or something like that.

The Treeverse portfolio features three NFT projects, all of which have a use in-game. Players may place the original Nftrees in the game to grow fruit. Plots will function as for player housing, and Timeless are unique, cosmetic, avatars. All three collections have seen activity on the secondary markets, with Nftrees holding the most value.

To learn more, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord.

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