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Moonville Farms Launched Alpha 1.5

Moonville Farms Alpha 1.5

Moonville Farms, the first title of Myria, just launched version 1.5 of their alpha. The game will get new features, bug fixes and an improved gameplay experience. This web3 game is a success, and the community keeps growing daily.

In a recent article, we covered the official launch of Moonville Farms, and shortly after, the team released Alpha 1.5 with many improvements. The team got feedback from the community, revamped old mechanics and added new ones.

Among all these changes the first one is the worker speed bonus. To get this speed bonus a transport node must connect both the starting point and the destination to each other and a Cargo Station. If one of these infrastructures is sold the bonus speed will be lost.

Players will also get information about where each worker is working now. This will make farm management an easier task.

Workers now have a marker so it is easier to identify where they are working in Moonville Farms Alpha 1.5
Workers now have a marker so it is easier to identify where they are working

When players select a building or tile, information about all nearby proximity effects will be displayed straight away.

The proximity effects of each building
The proximity effects of each building

When farmers place buildings now, there will be a warning sign informing how that building will be affected by the proximity effects

Warning message about the proximity effects when placing a building in Moonville Farms Alpha 1.5
A warning message about the proximity effects when placing a building

Another pop-up will warn players when they are about to go bankrupt.

Bankruptcy Warning Pop Up in Moonville Farms Alpha 1.5
Bankruptcy Warning Pop Up

In Moonville Farms one thing that keeps players engaged are the daily missions. These missions just got improved with a better UI.

New Daily Missions UI

But the Daily Missions were not the only feature that got a better UI. The Trade Screen also got reworked and is now more efficient at displaying the right information.

Improved trade screen in Moonville Alpha 1.5
Improved trade screen

Besides all of this the team also adjusted the following features:

  • Extra tooltips on resources – Each resource now has a tooltip that displays additional information about it
  • Loading Failed notification – Now players get the reason why login failed
  • Ocean proximity positive effects – The Moonwood Furnace and the Moonflakes Shredder now get benefits depending on their proximity to the ocean
  • Various art fixes
  • Added tutorial images

Personally, I think Moonville Farms is improving and growing a lot. New players will find it easier to get onboarded, and everyone will be able to manage their farms more efficiently with this large update. Eventually, this will result in a better gameplay experience which will contribute towards the growth of the community.

What is Moonville Farms

Moonville Farms is a farming game and the first title of the Myria ecosystem. The project is currently on Alpha 1.5, it is still fresh but already counts with a large player base. It is identical to the GALA games title Town Star.

In this game, players will have to choose a location to start their farm. This first choice will impact a lot of factors like the resources available and the resources required to trade with other players.

Farmers will have a timer on their UI, and after that timer runs out every farm will be wiped out and a new cycle will begin. Top farmers will be rewarded with Ergons which, at some point, will be swappable for NFTs or the future token of Moonville, $MOON. Another way to earn Ergons is by completing daily quests.

Moonville Farms, as a farming game, is quite complex. Players will have to figure out the most efficient way to extract resources from the surrounding environment and manage their farms.