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Town Star Burns NFTs

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Town Star, realizing that they had an overabundance of some items, holds a bonfire event, and burns thousands of unsold NFTs, distributing some of the extra to those running Founder Nodes.

Town Star overproduced a number of their game NFTs. And so, to take care of this excess inventory, the Town Star team decided to burn thousands of unsold Town Star NFTs. The NFT bonfire happened on October 19th. You can view the transaction for a complete list of the burned NFTs.

But not all of the extra stock was burned. Gala has developed a tradition of dropping NFTs from new games onto Founder Nodes. And they continue that here by saving 2.5% of the NFTs slated for burning and distributing them to those running active Founder’s Nodes. So if you own a Gala Games Founder Node, you might want to check your inventory!

Town Star Haunted Maze
Town Star Haunted Maze

Some may ask why not distribute these NFTs to those running Town Star nodes? After all, these are Town Star NFTs. In short, due to the lack of current rewards, there are not a lot of people running the Town Star nodes. So the distribution would not have been very equitable. But not to worry Town Star Node owners! Even though the distribution of TOWN token is paused for now, Gala promises that you are still considered an early adopter and you will be rewarded!

As for the NFTs, there are still plenty of options for those who want to purchase their own. In fact, there is a new Haunted Maze for the Halloween season. Haunted Mazes come in four rarities, each one with different bonuses. Some provide passive resource income, while others boost local production. Placing all four into your town will cause all of your cows and sheep to move 25% faster!

About Town Star

Town Star is a competitive farming game running on the Gala blockchain. Beginning with a plot of land and a little bit of money, players build up farms, factories, and many other types of buildings, selling excess goods for profit. Leaderboards track the top players, and until recently, awarded prizes in TOWN tokens.

The aim is to develop the most efficient and productive town possible through growing, gathering, and crafting. Players can use NFTs in their towns to enhance their productivity or place special buildings. Town Star features some intricate placement strategy as proximity to other buildings or terrain can affect building production. For example, both buildings and mountains create shade and wind block, which affect crops and wind-based buildings, respectively.

The token rewards for Town Star are currently on hold while the team retools their game economy.

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