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Myria Launches Moonville Alpha

Moonville Farms

Myria made their first move and launched their first Web3 Game’s Alpha, Moonville. Like GALA, Myria started its journey as an NFT Gaming platform by releasing a farming game that players can now test. Moonville is the first of many titles currently being developed in this ecosystem.

Moonville is now on public Alpha and is identical to Gala’s farming title, Town Star. Players choose a location to start their lunar farm, construct buildings, extract resources, and trade with other players. Then, there is a timer for the whole server and after it runs out every farm will reset and players lose all their progress, with the exception of ergons.

Ergons are the equivalent of this project’s future crypto token, $MOON. They can be earned by completing daily missions and are distributed at the end of every tournament. Every player can see their Ergons in their profile and It is a way of rewarding early participants. When the team launches Moonville, these tokens will be swapped by $MOON or NFTs.

The reason why there are tokens and NFTs is that Mooville falls into the play-and-earn category. This means that players will get rewarded for their in-game activity and skill. But these blockchain assets do not exist just to reward players, they have utility in Moonville.

The $MOON token will be used to:

  • Purchase Moonstones that facilitate players’ gameplay and by giving temporary NFT upgrades
  • Purchase NFTs in the Myria marketplace
  • Pay fees and enter weekly tournaments
  • Staking

The NFTs will be:

  • Buildings that look different and sometimes provide in-game bonuses (ex: Higher production rate)

Basically, Moonville, as a farming game, is quite complex. There are a lot of in-game resources and factors to consider both when deciding where to build a farm and when managing it. This allows for a large diversity of possible farming strategies.

Moonville Farm
Moonville Farm

How to Play Moonville

  • Head to Myria’s Official Website
  • Click on “Connect to play”
  • Connect your Myria wallet by signing the transaction via Metamask.
  • Start playing!
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Final Thoughts

Myria is coming hard in the Web3Gaming space with aggressive marketing, partnerships, node sales, the launch of their NFT marketplace and now their very first title is open to the public. Lastly, can Myria become a real competitor of the giant GALA games?

Personally, I do think that yes. If we consider that:

  • It already has a large community
  • Its first game is a success so far
  • They have on their official website more than 40 titles being developed right now
  • They are its own Layer 2 Blockchain
  • They already have their own NFT marketplace

However, in crypto, nothing is certain, especially during crypto winter, and only time will tell.

Somehow it seems there is a tendency right now for similar projects. Many single-title projects decided to become ecosystems with an identical layout where one token has utility in multiple Web3 Games. Examples of this are SolChicks, where the $CHICKS token became $CATHEON, and Undead Blocks where the $UNDEAD token will become $WAGYU at some point. Certainly, the risk is lower, even if one title fails the tokens will not go to zero immediately.